[List] – 20 Fiction Book titles for a fantasy genre

This weeks list gives you 20 fiction books that might exist in a fantasy-themed world, along with their author(s)

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1 A Rugged Smithy and the Fire-locked Maid – Khagmuf Skullbreaker of Clan Lozog
2 Companions of the Scamps – Faira of Zeldora
3 Flight from Coauitl Coactli's Fortress – Tarasarerla Daliisradas the Younger
4 Hepheb Nubdet Manor –  Umsizi Pili
5 Horrors of the Dukes – Chi Bo De
6 Quest for the city of the eight Journeymans – Alflum the Unwashed
7 The Adventures of the Five Ladys – Olafura
8 The Companions of the Apprentices – Ismail Ketash & Tunku ud Lutong and Guptra Golel
9 The Company of t...
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[Generator] -Mystical Drink Name Generator

Got a new(ish) generator to share with you today – The Mystical Drink Name Generator. This is a simplified version of the PDF of the same name, but a sample output can be found below. It can give you some names for a mystical and powerful drink that can enhance or hinder, not just for potions!

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[PDF] – Elf Settlement Namer

Elf Settlement Namer

Coming up with names for a settlement can be hard. For the players, it is often their hometown or place of birth, but for the GMs, it’s more than that – it’s the location NPCs call home and the hub of possible adventures.

But you can’t keep calling the place “the town” or “this city”. This is true for all races and cultures with some form of civilisation.

This product series has been designed to help you come up with names for various cultures, races/species etc. In particular, this one covers Elves.

This name generator has two parts, one for the common tongue and another for a version of the elvish/elven language.

They can be used together, to create a name and the translation, or individually for when you already have the name in one language and are ...

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[List] – Chaos Magic Surges

A magic surge is when arcane power goes wild and acts in ways the caster never intended it to. They can be good or bad (from the casters point of view), but they all share the same rule that they are unpredictable

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D20 x
1 All vegetation within 1 mile turns invisible
2 Any water within 50 feet turns into acid
3 Caster finds nothing amusing and can't laugh or even smile for 1d4 weeks
4 Caster gains services of an elemental until next sunrise
5 Caster grows a tails like a fox
6 Caster is accused of a crime in their hometown
7 Caster is pinned to the ground by chains of gold. This chains remain and are valuable.
8 Ca...
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Streaming Update and Jingle Jam 2018

For those who don’t know, I do run a small regular stream on Twitch. I stream most days covering, well, essentially games I like playing. I try not to be a “the latest fad” gamer unless its one of those games I have been really wanting to play and managed to get a copy. I also run a bi-weekly game of “Star Trek Adventures” from Modiphious, which is heavily home ruled – but that’s not a fault with the game, just for my benefit.

Anyway onto the point of this post. Next month a group you may have heard of called The Yogcast are running their annual Jingle Jam – A month-long charity drive partnered with Humble Bundle in which they offer up a collection of games and so on for various charities. Last year alone, they managed to raise $5.2 million dollars!

So, for December I want to try and “do...

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