[List] – 20 More Sci-Fi Themed Weapons

This weeks list comes from “Quick Generator – Sci-Fi Weapons” and gives you 20 concepts or ideas for weapons or weapon-like objects that you might find in a sci-fi or modern story or game.

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D20 Weapon
1 Anti-Proton Impeller
2 Continuous Saber
3 Custom Digitizer
4 Delaying Phasing Crusher
5 Disrupting Caustic Projector
6 Draining Tearer
7 Electro-magnetic Implant
8 Energy Corrosive Halberd
9 Exotic Long-range Cube
10 Kinetic Trident
11 Laser Nullifier
12 Light Grid
13 Nuclear Polarized Grenade
14 Plasma Caltrop
15 Repulsor Split Relay
16 Siege Gamma Crossbow
17 Silenced Torus
18 Sonic ...
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[World Anvil] – Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Your money is our money

— Motto of Goldleaf Bank

 Founded in 447, the Goldleaf bank was the result of 7 years of planning and talks. Whilst not the one of the first task successfully completed after the alliance of the House-Nations, it was arguably one of the most successful. Up until it’s founding, each house nation had it’s own banking and currency systems. The Gold Leaf system (as it was originally called) was designed to act as a neutral and central bank to facilitate exchange and currency conversion, for a nominal fee of course. Each of the Great-House nations has a representative on the board of directors and takes turn in running the bank for the year. The current leader is Brotherhood of Hooded Mercy . The idea ran thus: For example, Wh...

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[Weekly Update] – 18th September 2019

Its that time again.


A new PDF came this week, part of the the “Quick Generator” series – “Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name”   It is similiar to the Creature Concepts but is more focused on sentient species names , such as for Dwarfs, Golems etc.

World Anvil

Last week WA entry was based of dish called “kæstur hákarl” (referred to as fermented shark or rotten shark in English). It really is as nasty as you think it was. A short article but was fun to imagine how people would react to it IRL.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Hit a major issue with GW2 at the moment. Well, three to be exact.

  1. One of the maps NPC could not be interacted with in any way, which is kind of important
  2. Several of the NPCs/Mobs I had to target for one of the que...
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[PDF] – Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name

Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name

Many times, all you need is a quick idea or a concept. Something to help spark your imagination or to just fill in the gaps. You don’t want a huge amount of tables and need something reasonably quickly.

This is where the Quick Generator series comes in. The QG series from Ennead Games has , generally, no more than 2 x d100 tables, which can give you 10,000 possible combinations!

This particular QG covers species (or sub-species/variants) names, suitable for the fantasy based genre, although there is nothing stopping you from using them in other genres or settings.

With 2 x d100 tables you can get 10,000 possible combinations. Such as…

  • Bone Ogre
  • Glass Zombie
  • Forest Golem

Available now at –


 Where to find & support Ennead G...

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[List] – 20 creature concepts

This weeks list is based on content that can be made from “Quick Generator – Creature Concept” What does the creature look like comared to the base animal? Is it rare, a mutation or something else?

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D20 Creature Concept
1 Amphibious Worm
2 Anarcic Wolf
3 Ancient Minotaur
4 Bound Eagle
5 Celestial Phoenix
6 Dazzling Kracken
7 Disentegrating Ogre
8 Fiendish Goat
9 Frost Dolphin
10 Hybrid Ant
11 Imposing Whale
12 Insane Crab
13 Jungle Mould
14 Metalic Wraith
15 Mossy Chupacabra
16 Mountain Amoeba
17 Poisionous Moth
18 Possessed Bat
19 River Fungus
20 Subterranean Maggot


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