[PDF][News] – Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names and the Christmas in July Sale

Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names

The Helpful List series is designed to give you, as the name suggests, a list of various things that you might mind helpful. They all follow the same basic format of at least 1d100 table, sometimes more depending on the nature of the subject.

The 1k series takes this a step further, with 10 1d100 tables themed around a certain subject broken down into their own tables of 1d100 each.

This particular Helpful list series covers the co-called classical fantasy genre race of dwarfs, elf, gnomes and halfling, with Old English being used to represent the stereotypical “Medieval” humans

The names listed herein not in the species or cultures natural language, but have been translated into the common tongue for ease of use.

The tables cover…

  • Dwarf (f a...
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[List] – 20 More Anime/Manga Titles and Christmas in July Sale News!

I’ve made some behind the scenes changes to my working system that should help prevent duplication in result within lists and so on. Will be looking into adding these to the online generators, but I also need to do another, no restructuring, but re-organisation of my to-do and worklist. Part of this involved me re-starting a lot of plans, but it’s another thing that will be worth it in the long term, so for lists and so on there will be repeats of ones that have been shown recently. This week one, for example, is Anime/Manga titles.

Secondly – the CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale is now on at DrivethruRPG and almost all of Ennead Games PDFs are on sale

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this artic...

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Weekly Update – 17th July 2019

Time for another weekly update on things. I think rather than having a good/ba breakdown, covering things by subject matter seems easier for me to structure and post. So, here we go…

Published PDFs

Last week saw the publication of my “Equipment Maker 8 – Ships“. Seemed to be well received and even, very briefly (but that was enough for me :)) to top the small press and “under $5” chart.

Other PDFs (not mine)

A PDF/DMs Guild PDf I had a hand with playtesting (the opening blurb is a reference to my character)  has been released by a friend of mine called The Ripper. A word of warning. This is NOT a player-friendly class, is designed for NPCs, and is, to be honest, a nasty class. But that’s the point...

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[List] – 20 Old English Names

This weeks list gives you 20 names from what is termed “Old English”. This is also a sneak preview of the possible content form the next in the name maker series which will focus on real-world names.

The first ten are feminine names, the second ten are masculine, but, of course, there is nothing stopping you from using any of them.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Old English Names
1 Ashley Beverly
2 Bailey Thornton
3 Fleta Eastoft
4 Goldie Harley
5 Hope Hackney
6 Joy Shirley
7 Piper Shelley
8 Sacrifice Sutton
9 Thistle Tindall
10 Yedda Morton
11 Bentley Wakefield
12 Buster Colby
13 Donald Kendall
14 Fulton Spalding
15 H...
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Weekly Update – 10th July 2019

Hi folks, Chris here keeping the weekly update train going. Seems that phasing posts back in gradually seems to be working , focusing on one at a time until it becomes a habit, seems to be the way to go , rather than dumping a lot on at once and having my brain go “nahhh not having this” – Anyway, onto the update proper!


Got three books this recently (i know I have a “problem” lol), Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Acquisitions Incorporated and a PoD(Print on demand) copy of one of my fave DnD settings, 2nd edition Spelljammer! Next month the Alpha Quadrant book for Star Trek Adventures comes out, much excitement!


There were a Humble Bundle pdf and token bundle on sale for a silly price I just *had* to get...

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