Last few days of Christmas in July on DrivethruRPG

At the time of writing it’s the last few days of the “Christmas in July” sale at DrivethruRPG.

Some of the best sellers from Ennead Games you may want to get in this sale are:

[EBK] Empire Builder Kit – History Generator
Was $1.75 , is now on sale for  $1.31–History-Generator

Superlative Spells Volume 2 – Hybrid Spells
Was $1.75 , is now on sale for  $1.31–Hybrid-Spells

Insult Generator – Dwarven
Was $1.50, is now on sale for $1.13–Dwarven

Cult Details Generator
Was $1.75 , is now on sale for  $1.31

These are just a few of th...

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RPG Round Up – 27th July 2015

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


Whether your party is seeking out a sinister magical artifact or attempting to stop a dastardly jewel heist, no Game Master wants to spend time drawing every taxidermic beast and reconstructed sarcophagus. Fortunately, with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Museum, you don't have to! Our line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use fantasy set pieces [...]
Tue, Jul 28, 2015
Source: Paizo
Weekend prep, improv tools & minotaur thugs. Over the weekend there was no roleplaying, but I found time for some bonus background preparation. I updated both my improv melee sheet and my list of personalities...

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Random List – Dungeon/Location Names

Need a name for you dungeon or adventure? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Dungeon/Location Name
1 The Boring Greenhouse
2 The Boring Stairs
3 The Ceremonial Church of Enchantment
4 The Crumbling Pagoda of the Ghostly Divine
5 The Dome of the Abyss
6 The Forbidden Panopticon of Divine
7 The Greater Library of the Underground Fury
8 The Hall of the Doom
9 The Hospital of Secrets
10 The Legendary Nursery of the White Lust
11 The Machine of Phantasm
12 The Ossuary of the Banishment
13 The Pantry of the Undead
14 The Plain Necropolis of the Gods
15 The Rampart of the Devastation
16 The Remorseless Nursery of Predators
17 The Savage Nest
18 The Stairs of the Damnation
19 The Trap of the Predators
20 The Treasury o...
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R.I.G.S. – Lager of Regeneration

Lager of Regeneration

A cool refreshing lager that has the welcomed property of regenerating those who drink from it, but only whilst they are drunk.

Basic Information
Lager of Regeneration
Power Level : Greater (9)
Activation : Blood – Target
Approximate Age : Several – 8 years
Condition : Fair (4)


The Lager of Regeneration was first developed about 8 years ago, although like many great discoveries, it was not what was intended. Originally meant to be a simple liquid filled capsule, the concoction didnt regenerate anything beyond the most simple of scars and injuries. This in itself was for the inventors a major breakthrough. To celebrate they decided to hold a party in the local brewery...

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Campaign Chunk – Cathsar-Sarmal Boat Race

Cathsar-Sarmal Boat Race

English: Chiswick Eyot on the River Thames. Ca...

English: Chiswick Eyot on the River Thames. Category:Images of the River Thames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A set of annual rowing races between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club, rowed on the River Thames in London, England has become famous the world over and known as the Boat Race. It draws people from all over the world and brings an impressive amount of money to the local economy.

The city of Cathsar, inspired by this decided to set up their own boat race with their neighbouring town of Sarmal. Known as the Cathsar-Sarmal Boat Race, it starts in Cathsar under the Serpent Bridge, which is the main bridge in the city, flows down the river, taking many twists and turns and finishing under the Western Gate in Sarmal...

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