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Need ? Roll a d and check below to see what you get!

D20 Male Spanish Names
1 Adalberto Lechuga
2 Agustín Lafuente
3 Aristides Don
4 Augusto Maduro
5 Benjamín Ponce
6 Candelario Concha
7 Cecilio Vigorito
8 Cirino Portilla
9 Duilio Merlos
10 Eutimio Londono
11 Eutropio Blanco
12 Felipe Rota
13 Germán Soliz
14 Gonzalo Sotomayor
15 Josué Nuncio
16 Marcio Behar
17 Ramon Mathias
18 Roldán Mauricio
19 Telmo Posada
20 Tristán Laureano

Need more? Try the Spanish Name Generator or get “100 Spanish Names – Male

Apr 172014

There are many awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few that were found that you may enjoy and draw ideas from.

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  • Erebos, God of Death
  • Scion of Insanity by
  • Shusei Nagaoka
  • dark dragon by sanda
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Fan
  • Dragon Mountain Anim
  • Demonspawn by Domini
  • Battle of Angels by
  • Gallente 'Wraith' by
  • Koto-Berserker of Th
  • Balmasseus, the crim
  • Epic Traps by Ironsh
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Apr 162014


The standard Frogfish is a type of angler fish, found in temperate or tropical waters. Unlike the normal frogfish, this creature is more like a piranha, It just happens to resemble a frogfish. The typical size of the fish ranges from 3 inches to 6 inches. It has powerful jaws that can rip a man’s flesh from his bones in under 10 mins. It’s natural colouration is of a mottled orange with streaks of blue running across its scales. The eyes look small emeralds.

The Invisible Frogfish (IF) seems to only live in the ocean near to the city of Fairfair. The IF originally got its name from the fact it was very hard to spot(see special defence).

Stats (1-10 scale)
[Anything not listed can be assumed to be an average for a creature its size/type or 0, whichever is appropriate]
Mind – 0 – The fish runs purely on instinct
Body – 2 -
Soul – N/a -

Special Attack
Locking Bite – Once the IF takes a bit of its prey, its’ jaw lock and it thrashes about violently to remove the flesh to which it has locked onto.

Special Defences

  • Camouflage – A more passive ability that requires the IF to keep as still as possible
  • Invisibility – Once thought to be a highly developed form of camouflage, it was discovered that the IF can actually turn invisible,although it appear to not be able to maintain this state for very long
  • Play dead – The IF can pretend to be dead and float, lulling its prey into a false sense of security.


  • Being a fish once it is out of water it dies very quickly
  • Extreme temperature ranges confuse and eventually kill the IF

Hook & Rumors

  • Why is the IF only found near the city of Fairview? Local authorities are paying good money to the first who discovers the reason for this.
  • The fish is considered a delicacy and restaurants will pay top money for each fish that is brought to them alive.
  • There is a local urban legend of the IF swimming through sewers and into privies. This was always considered to be an old wife’s tale until recently
  • Over the last few weeks, many IF corpse have been washing up on the local beach. Normaly, this it not newsworthy, but these fish are about twice the sizes of the standard IF and appear to be getting bigger.
  • Some biologist have a theory that the IF is in fact not a naturally evolved creature. They require some live fish to study.

This was created based on the ideas in this post:


Article Used as Inspiration:Frogfish


Stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

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Apr 112014

Need some names for your Spanish themed (n)PC’s? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Female Spanish Names
1 Amanda Vega
2 Ana Ariza
3 Anaïs Borquez
4 Anne Echavarria
5 Araceli Acevedo
6 Candelas Recio
7 Cándida Castilla
8 Emelina Marrufo
9 Estefanía Brizuela
10 Feliciana Ochoa
11 Ida Campa
12 Jesenia Zarco
13 Marisa Villalpando
14 Octavia Verdugo
15 Patricia Molinar
16 Perlita Marin
17 Selena Raya
18 Serafina San Angelo
19 Soledad Villafuerte
20 Susanita Mero

Need more? Then try the Spanish Name Generator or get “100 Spanish Names – Female“”

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