Random List – 20 Book Titles

Need to fill up your library and stuck for ideas for book titles? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Book Title
1 Tales of the Stalwart Wood
2 Common-Draconic Dictionary
3 Mystical Necromancy Secrets
4 Glossary of Ignan Terms
5 False Tales Regarding Sorcery
6 Legend of the Laughing Sailor
7 Compendium on Sewing
8 Book of Smithing
9 Tales of the Rude Baron
10 Book of Fishing
11 Tales of the Salty River
12 Laughing Hills Atlas
13 Manual of Locksmithing
14 Transmutation Strictures
15 Common-Abyssal Dictionary
16 Unknown Rites About Runecraft
17 Sorcery Powers
18 Auran-Aquan Dictionary
19 Powers of the Northern Cultures
20 Erotic Ballads
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R.I.G.S. #7 – Treachery Quiver

Treachery Quiver

“I reached for an arrow from my quiver automatically. He smiled at me and mouthed a word I couldn’t hear. Nothing was there. Panicing, I looked round to see it was empty. They were all gone..all of them All that remained was a pile of dust. When I looked round again he had escaped.”

Treachery Quiver
Power Level : Major (4)
Activation : Word (Any Language)
Approximate Age : Couple – 2 years
Condition : Fair (4)

The treachery quiver is not an item that many people would want to use themselves. IT can be thought of as a cursed item by those who become victim to it, but it many ways it does precisely what it designer meant it to do...

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No Campaign Chunk this week

No Campaign Chunk this week as I’m working on compiling the last 10 for volume 7 in the pdf series and figuring out what the next 10 will be. Like last time I’ll publish the list of the basic titles on Wednesday next week so you can have an idea of what’s to come, then the week after that volume 8 will begin.


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RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


Hi Everyone, Here I am, back on schedule again. I have postponed the blackberry picking until tomorrow. We are off out on another family trip today, so I want to post this early. Previously on Tales of a GM: 1.5 hours – Primary Goal [...]
Sun, Aug 30, 2015
Source: Tales Of A GM
The following article was written by Johnson Borrero as an entry to the Alien August competition. Hello, Hola, and Tkutharrash, truth-seekers! Yours truly, Chelsea Edward here, with one hell of a revelation for you...

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Random List – Dark Elf Names

This week you get two lists for the price of one! Both list are made using the Dark Elf Name Generator and as usual, all you have to do is roll a d20 to see what name you get.

D20 Female Dark Elf Names
1 Akorune Baenndar
2 Angva'thara Claddurden
3 Belaryrr Gaussvyll Freana
4 Brizqualyn'urra Auvryarnrae
5 Brizxae Ardultana'nolu Godet'tar
6 Chessryneavin ghym'Hun'urden
7 Eclavetana Arabghym'iryn
8 Greyafay Qiliarauit rae'Rilynlyl
9 Ilphynraeryna Myanirae
10 Iymlin'rae Despt'tar
11 Jhulyrr Jhaelquiri Quavtyrr'intra ndar'Aletlar
12 Lirdasteoyss Arabrahel'rahel
13 Molynda'ryna Claddani
14 Neerdril Melghym'ate
15 Quavryna Lariira Hlarae
16 Rilshaleelara Godear'tlar
17 Sinkacha'iara Zauval'sek
18 Vierbryn ynrae'Rilynda Ousst'tar
19 wiira...
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