Image Thursday – Sphen by danieljoelnewman

Sphen by danieljoelnewman

Sphen by danieljoelnewman

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This week’s image is featured above and is called Sphen by danieljoelnewman.

The father-protector carries it’s eggling back to the nest. The weather has been pleasant for this arctic like wasteland, but the hunting has been poor, forcing the father-protector to hunt further and further from the nest, leaving his life-mate back to protect the village from the hunters.

  • Who is the father-protector?
  • Who , or what, are the hunters?
  • What is he hunting for? How much does he require to feed and bring back to the nest?
  • What is the name of the species of this beast?
  • Why not leave the egg back at the nest?
  • Where is the nest? Is it far from his current position?
  • When will the father-protector have to return to the nest if at all?

Credit :  dani...

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Campaign Chunk Updated – Death of a Beauty Queen

This chunk is the revised and updated version found in “Campaign Chunks Volume 1“. The original chunk can be found here.

Death of a Beauty Queen

Relina Martez was both a beautiful woman and political activist. Born to Perez and Melinda Martez, who were both wealthy career politicians. Not long after Relinas birth, Melinda was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although she survived she was never able to bear children again, making Relina an only child. Her parents vowed not to spoil her and raised their daughter to be thankful for what she had and to help others where possible.

On her 16th birthday she entered her first beauty pageant and won an unprecedented perfect score from almost all the judges in all categories...

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RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


Water, water, everywhere, and it's all filled with ink or bugs in the latest Pathfinder Society releases! Your Pathfinder Society agent going to want to bring hip waders with one of the newest Pathfinder Society Scenarios, "The Overflow Archives"! Overflowing literally as well as figuratively, this adventure for 1st through 5th [...]
Sat, Feb 28, 2015
Source: Paizo
Here's a little story idea that I think has a lot of potential...

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Random List – Spell Names

Need a name for a random spell? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Spell Name
1 Ancestral Curse
2 Blinding Slayer
3 Blinking Armor
4 Dissipating Ritual
5 Exhausting Shield
6 Explosive Obliteration
7 Exponential Radiance
8 Holy Beam
9 Humanoid Devastation
10 Imprisoning Deflection
11 Intelligent Missile
12 Loud Pestilence
13 Lustful Weather
14 Permanent Curse
15 Shattering Rite
16 Supreme Knowledge
17 Supreme Shift
18 Triumphant Illusion
19 Triumphant Mind
20 Unholy Breathe

Need more? Then get “Quick Generator – Spell Names” for thousands of possible combinations.


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Image Thursday – Geode by Aldo Katayanagi

Geode by Aldo Katayanagi

Geode by Aldo Katayanagi (Click for full size image)

The geode have been in their current position for an untold amount of time. As you walk among them, one cracks open,and within you see a humanoid figure, awake and exploring the new world that is open to them.

  • Who is the person in the geode?
  • What purpose do they serve? Are they egg-like spawn of another long forgotten creature or a way of preserving the last of a dying race?
  • What are the meaning of the carving on the outside? Are they a blessing, instructions, a warning or a curse?
  • What is the geode made from?
  • Why where the geode left here?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How long ago were the geodes made or formed? Just how long have they been here?

Credit :  Aldo Katayanagi


Deviantart Page

There are many other awesome and inspir...

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