No chunk of Sci-fi today.

As with yesterday, no chunk of sci-fi today, as am compiling and formatting the various chunks, and having to correct a rather silly error I did when, instead of saving and exporting a cover for volume one of “Mission Outlines” for my patrons, I instead exported and exited, without saving…I R twit…


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No Chunk This week – Part 2

To further illustrate what I have planned, here is what I have roughly laid out for the month.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 New Release/Roundup Generator/Resource Chunk of Fantasy Chunk of Sci-Fi List [Guest] – TOAGM Free
2 New Release/Roundup Generator/Resource Map/Image/Tile Map/Image/Tile List [Guest] – TOAGM Free
3 New Release/Roundup Generator/Resource Official/Licensed (Fantasy) Official/Licensed (Sci-Fi) List [Guest] – TOAGM Free
4 New Release/Roundup Generator/Resource ? ? List [Guest] – TOAGM Free

Week 3 and 4 is the main concerns and won’t be started for a while. In the mean time, weeks 1 and 2 will repeat.

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No Chunk This Week

There is no new chunk this week as I am compiling the previous volumes. There probably won’t be one next week either as I am working on making a dungeon/room tile randomiser. Combined with the tiles/map maker from Inkwell Ideas I mentioned yesterday it’ll be used to make a room suitable for a dungeon, castle etc, along with some details about the section. More details as and when they are ready.

This won’t be replacing the Chunk series but will be put into the rotation with it, so every 10 weeks or so it will swap to the next in the series, Chunk-Tile-Chunk etc I’m also trying to decide what to do to expand Sci-Fi Thursdays as well. If I can’t come up with anything I am happy with, Thursday will also be a map/image day as well and I’ll see if keeping it sci-fi themed will be feasible.

A ...

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[Resources] – Hexographer, Dungeonographer and Cityographer from Inkwell Ideas

Today, for Resource Tuesday, I present not one, not two but THREE mapping programs from Inkwell Ideas. Each is a mapping program used to make a variety of maps. Very soon, probably in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be using these to make some map tiles. These tiles will eventually be compiled into a publication with a view for selling and maybe printing, so I thought it only fair to share with you the most excellent programs I’m going to be using.

Each of these programs has a free version so you can try them to see if they are suitable for your needs, with paid versions available if you do for a fair price.

Rather than going over everything each program can do, I’ll post the highlights here, taken from the various sites features lists, and encourage you to give the trial versions a...

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A Chunk of Fantasy Volume 1 and the RPG Round Up


A Chunk of Fantasy Volume 1

When the Ennead Games blog first started, one of the regular features was a weekly post for fantasy or medieval style games and stores. The base format was tweaked over the years, with regular updates and re-launches to keep it fresh.

Presented here are 10 compiled entries from the blog, tidied up, formatted and where needed, expanded.

For flavour, a few of these items are set in Easthalen, the authors own game world, but this can easily be ignored or replaced with something of your own.

Inside this volume you’ll find…

Aerons [Race/Species] – A humanoid species with insect ancestry.
Arcane Archiver [Class/professon] – The protectors and guardians of magical items.
Chain Mail Helmet of the Druid [Armour] – A metal based helmet for druids.
Explorers Guild [Organisation] – A club for all those who like to seek fame and fortune.
FNV Fortunes’ Fury [Vehicle] – This privateer vessel has a little something extra to make it go fast.
Pit of Destruction [Dungeon] – What do you do with an almost immortal being?
Potion of Crystal Intellect [Potion] – A dose of this potion can give you a mental boost.
Starfall [Event] – Where a star was believed to have fallen to earth.
Shocking Door [Trap] – A simple trap sometimes used to entertain.
Wild Steel [Material] – If you partake of the chaotic arts, stay away from this metal.

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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