SS Random List – Mecha Team Name

From the generators of Seventh Sanctum, here’s a list of 20 randomly created names for your Mech Teams. What type of mech do they use, what weapons and defences do they have and what about the beings that pilot them?

D20 Team Name
1 Alien Robo Lightning Motor Warrior Army
2 Atom Dynamo Company I
3 Big Dynamo Army
4 Blazing Atomic Power Motor Fleet W
5 Celestial Techno Sentinels
6 City Artilery Guard Psi
7 Cog Blaster Corps Z
8 Deadly Cybernetic System Robot Guards
9 Electronic Squadron
10 Experimental Electronic Force Dynamo Army Theta
11 Fighting Cannon Tank Valkyrie Corps
12 Giga Cannon Devil Legion Beta
13 Hyper Artilery Sterling Piston Unit
14 Military Radiation Avatars
15 Motorized Alien Circuit Valkyries
16 Motorized Avatar Corps N
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Image Thursday

There are many awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few that were found that you may enjoy and draw ideas from.

Clicking on each image will open it in a new window.

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Campaign Chunk – The Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster

Balder rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement par...

Balder rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement park, as seen from The Liseberg Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster

Theme parks are a fun location for almost all the family. They can have exciting, wild rides or more simple ones for the youngsters or those who prefer things more slow-paced. In one such theme park is one called the Eternity, also called the Mobius-coaster.

It gained it nickname for the fact that over-all the track loops and turns resembles a so-called Mobius loop. That and the fact the track is easily reconfigured into an infinite number of configurations and can do so in a matter of minutes. Turns can straighten out, bumps and loops appear and even have parts of the track turn upside-down...

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Planet Details Generator now live

A rich starry sky fills the view from an ancie...

A rich starry sky fills the view from an ancient gas-giant planet in the core of the globular star cluster M4, as imagined in this artist’s concept. The 13-billion-year-old planet orbits a helium white-dwarf star and the millisecond pulsar B1620-26, seen at lower left. The globular cluster is deficient in heavier elements for making planets, so the existence of such a world implies that planet formation may have been quite efficient and common in the early universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some belive there are about a billion galaxies in the known universe, with each of them having a billion star systems and countless planets.  It would be a massive undertaking to try to detail everyone of them. So ,this generator has been made to  make your work just that tiny bit easier.

Based off p...

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RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


Check your calendars, folks—the Great Golem Sale is coming to an end! In a little over a week, the Great Golem Sale will be over—grab these huge discounts through November 2nd! Dive into the storybook world of a Varisian fortunetelling deck with Pathfinder Module: The Harrowing or with tales of one [...]
Sat, Oct 25, 2014
Source: Paizo
This blog will serve to chronicle my adventures in the Extra Life 2014 24hr Game-a-thon beginning when I wake on October 25, 2014. Be sure to keep an eye on Ben's live blogging too...

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