Campaign Chunk – Funerary Masks

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funerary Mask

A funerary mask is a mask made to cover the face of a mummy. Funerary masks and other facial coverings for mummies emphasized the ancient Egyptian belief in the fragile state of transition that the dead would have to successfully transcend in their physical and spiritual journey from this world to their divine transformation in the next.

Found only in countries that practiced mummification,they range in quality and design. The earliest ones were made from a wood that was treated to preserve it and over time became more complicated and expensive, becoming more ornate and decorative. The most famous is the one made for Tutankhamun...

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Product Hilight – Fantastic Feats Volume 32 : Dragon Disciple

Fantastic Feats
Volume 32 – Dragon Disciple
Adjective – Strange, different; imaginary

Characters in rpgs often have abilities are not tied to their class, race or skill, although they may be related/useful to it. These are called Feats.

They may be combat related, a way to tweak spells or even to do with the crafting of an item. Some will be useful to almost everyone, others only in very certain circumstances.

This edition of “Fantastic Feats” – a series of feats based around a certain theme or subject – is about the prestige class called the dragon Disciple – the arcane magic user that has embraced their dragon based heritage.

The feats inside this issue of Fantastic Feats:

  • Draconic Accent – Mimic the speach patterns of a dragon
  • Draconic Infused Damage – Certain sp...
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RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


The Worst and the Best Delve Season, 1034. The Harmonium Strikes Back! After a hard-hitting expose of the Factions of Sigil in The Sigil Courier last week, the Harmonium has responded. Witness the power of the press, made manifest. Fighting back at claims of The Grand Bazaar being flooded with [...]
Wed, Jan 28, 2015
Source: Tales Of A GM
The Essence of Awesome
Everyone wants to be awesome, to find that moment of perfect cool...

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Random List – Dwarven Insult

The unofficial Dwarven Insult week ends with 20 insults generated using the rules and details from “Insult Generator – Dwarven Edition” and the Insult Generator.  Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Insult
1 whiny puss-headed rust-minded reeking breadcrumb!
2 incompetent bloodless dung-digging butthole!
3 swollen puffy-faced smudge-rubber!
4 pigeon hearted water-drinkin warty orc!
5 nit-picking bug-brained shard!
6 pompous cockroach!
7 weasely weasel-hearted bloodless shard!
8 perfumed web-foooted rust eater!
9 tentacle screeching rust-minded kidneywipe!
10 bloodless anvil-dropping blathering piece of garbage!
11 deformed little blunt toothed weak-armed kobold-lover!
12 shaven stench kow!
13 nit-picking butt-scratching corroded bo...
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Image Thursday – The Meeting by Jameszapata

The Meeting (Credit Jameszapata)

The Meeting (Credit Jameszapata) – Click for larger image

This weeks image for inspiration is “The Meeting” by Jameszapata. You have climbed the mountain for a chance to talk with a powerful and very ancient being. the clouds pass and what amounts to a force of nature comes down and meets your gaze.

  • Who is this powerful being?
  • What reasons do you have for seeking them out?
  • Why have you risked your life to talk with this ancient creature?
  • Where is this meeting place?
  • When did this meeting take place?

Credit : Jameszapata

There are many other awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few more that you might enjoy or inspire you .

Clicking on each image will open it in a new window.

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