[List] – 20 Map Feature Names/Types

Exploring a world, you can often find interesting natural, or unnatural features. This list gives you the names/types for 20 such features that might be discovered by explorers, or that can help when describing the wild lands of your world.

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D20 Feature
1 Ancient Path
2 Blasted Island
3 Blood Ford
4 Bone Fen
5 Broken Waterfall
6 Cruel Bridge
7 Crystal Port
8 Desolate Road
9 Frozen Hills
10 Gruesome Atoll
11 Haunted Glen
12 Imperial Geyser
13 Ivory Grassland
14 Lonely Cliff
15 Mysterious Beach
16 Ruined City
17 Salt Bog
18 Unforgiving Sea
19 Unstable Lagoon
20 Weathered Steppe
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[Weekly Update] – 5th of August 2020

Time for this weeks update!


New PDF came out this week – “Cocktail Name Generator” – Working now on the companion PDF to go along with it, “Cocktail Details” – in theroy you could use to come up with a real-life cocktail to drink but i make no assurances that it will taste good.

World Anvil

World Anvil Article have been put on pause for a while – nothing wrong with WA, but I am needing to focus on getting the generators, itchi stuff and streaming/Vid issue sorted first. Only got so many sppons to go around and dont want another burnout like before. Focusing on one current project and one “ongoing one” feels right, and right now the Itchi/gen project is a higher priorty.

World Anvil Easthalen Page



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[PDF] Cocktail Name Generator

Cocktail Name Generator

What you having to drink tonight?

Drinks are, for many, but not all people, something to help them relax. Cocktails are one such beverage. A cocktail is often defined as an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or spirits mixed with other ingredients.

Not all of these are alcoholic either because some people, for various reasons will not or cannot consume alcoholic beverages. Some names may be innocent-sounding and hit like a brick when consumed, and others are the opposite and sound extremely dangerous but have zero % alcohol.

This PDF gives you a collection of d100 tables that allows you to come up with names for various cocktails and drinks. The actual details about the cocktail will be covered in a future publication.

Some pre-made examples are included as we...

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[List] – 20 MagiTech Concepts

Magic and Technology are things not normally found together , as they are diametrically the opposite. But sometimes, when they are found merged into one thing, they can be quite potent. This list gives you 20 ideas for MagicTech Items.

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D20 MagiTech
1 Astral Resistor
2 Clerics Bay
3 Dwarven Console
4 Elven Calibrator
5 Enchanting Injector
6 Geometric Aligner
7 Gnomish Conditioner
8 Good Aligned Scanner
9 Healing Device
10 Heated Synthesizer
11 Hidden Inductor
12 Lawful Harmonizer
13 Omni Reducer
14 Orchish Terminal
15 Overpowered Generator
16 Phantasmal Manifold
17 Primal Nutation
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[Weekly Update] – 29th of July 2020

Howdy folks, its that time of the week again!


The Christmas in July sale at DrivethruRPG has ended and for me at least, it went rather well. The next planned PDF was originally going to beĀ  Quick Generator, with two d100 tables, but had so many ideas for the tables that instead made it into its own generator, with 6 x d100 tables (divided up into 2 * 3 tables) – Its Cocktail Names!. The next related PDF will, like the pizza generator, have details that could, in theory, make a real-life cocktail, with ingredients, extras, mixing style and so on. Don’t blame me if you make it and get ill heheheh


More PDFS are being uploaded to itch every weekday. Its surprisingly easy to do so. I think I have, out of all the items I want to upload there I am about 75% done...

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