Random List – Turkish Names

The generator of the week was for Turkish names and can be found here. The list below has the first 10 as female names and the second 10 as male. Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Turkish Names
1 Afet Gulge
2 Ceylin Bolat
3 Eser Kütchük
4 Gülþen Gurânî
5 Havva Yayla
6 Melis Ece
7 Nurhan Batur
8 Simten Zorlu
9 Þefika Aydin
10 Zafer Cetin
11 Ata Birand
12 Baki Bulent
13 Ðlkay Erol
14 Eþref Ciplak
15 Fahrettin Aricanli
16 Genco Dogramaci
17 Kartal Pakalîn
18 Kâsim Mandirali
19 Neþet Gürsel
20 Sadri Istanbul


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RIGS 3.6 – City Octahedron

A tower of the medieval city walls of Rhodes, ...

A tower of the medieval city walls of Rhodes, Greece, as seen from the moat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 3.6 – City Octahedron

“It was such a simple looking object, no bigger than a fist. The Great Disaster had wrecked our empire and we had nowhere else to go. Our good neighbours had given us some land but had no resources to spare. We didn’t even have a roof over our heads. But then, by the grace of the many gods, we found it. The small, grey, double pyramid. If the legends were true, it would solve all our problems. I activated it with a drop of my blood as the ritual described, buried in the ground and ran back to the prescribed safe distance. The very air rumbled and grew brighter. When it had cleared, the lost city Octdron was in its place...

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Campaign Chunk 9.8 – The Lost Monastery

Kloster Dionisiou

Kloster Dionisiou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.8 – The Lost Monastery

A monastery is a community of persons, especially monks, bound by vows to a religious life and often living in partial or complete seclusion. They can be found from many faiths and range in size from something akin to a small hut used by one or two monks, to large estates and complexes that can hold tens of thousands of people.

The Lost Monastery(LM) gets its name for two different reasons, connected by coincidence. Johan Lost, an explorer of jungles and forests, found the LM after getting lost in the jungle when he got into an argument with his guide. The guide thought it would be amusing if he got “lost” like his name and kept making remarks about it...

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Turkish Name Generator now live

This weeks generator is another name one and this time, it’s about Turkish names. As before, a sample can be found below. Click on the header of the table to be taken straight to it.

Turkish Names
Female Male
Ilðm Cetinkaya Ferit Göçek
Baþak Bulent Güray Suleymanoglu
Derya Sevinc Muhan Gürsel
Muzaffer Oyan Þafak Aybar
Suat al-Dîn Atila Tuna
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Creature Description Generator Volume 3 – Witches & RPG Round Up

Things seem to be back to normal net connection wise (crosses fingers) , so here we are back onto the normal schedule

CDG3 Cover thumbCreature Description Generator Volume 3 – Witches

A witch is a being that most people will be familiar with. But there are any types, not all of them have the green skin and pointed hooked nose often used to describe them in fairy tales.

There are several main aspects covered by this CDG, with a few of them having further sub-options to help flesh out the description of your witch

Age – How old is the witch? Is she young looking or an ancient crone?
Coven – How many other witches does she meet up with and what do they cover?
Distinguishing or memorable Feature – What is the number one memorable feature of the witch?
Familiar – Does she have a familiar and what is it?
Home – Gives you and idea of what/where the witch calls home.
Mentor/Teacher – Who taught the witch her skills and powers?
Personality Type – What is the main personality of the witch?
Requirements for service – What does she require for her services?
Speciality – What is the witch speciality? Divination, potions or something else?
Quirks/Rare Features – Anything else that is memorable or quirky about the witch.
Transportation – How does the witch cover long distance travel? Not all use broomsticks.
Voice – How does she speak? What is her voice like?

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and d20pfsrd.com and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

Don’t forget Ennead Games has a Patreon running now as well

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