RIGS 5.04 – Staff of the Silent

RIGS 5.04 – Staff of the Silent

“The Quiet Ones. That’s what we called them. They never spoke or made any noise. Just walked through the town, bowing and giving out blessings, accepting offerings and such. Most people liked them, they kept to themselves and helped out in times of trouble, just never said a word. Of course, some thugs think it’s funny and tries to attack them. The ways these monks moved was spooky. Not even their clothes made a sound. When the leader slammed the staff he was carrying on the ground the air rippled. When he slammed it into the thugs groin we all expected him to cry out in pain, but there was nothing….”

Staff of the Silent
Power Level: Major (5)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Several – 4 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Staff of the S...

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Campaign Chunk Volume 11.04 – Death Valley

The Amargosa Desert is near Death Valley

The Amargosa Desert is near Death Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk Volume 11.04 – Death Valley

In Eastern California, North America is a location known as Death Valley. It covers an area of around 3,000 square miles. Death Valley can be found near the border of California and Nevada. It runs from north to south between the Amargosa Range on the east and the Panamint Range on the west, with the Sylvania Mountains and the Owlshead Mountains form its northern and southern boundaries.

Home to the Timbisha tribe of Native Americans, Death Valley got its English name from prospectors in 1849 during the California Gold Rush when 13 prospectors died trying to cross the location.

The mean annual temperature for Death Valley is 77.2 °F (25...

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Goblin Description Generator now live

Illustration of a goblin

Illustration of a goblin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weeks generator is a combination of an existing generator, Goblin Name, and a new one Goblin Descriptions. Clicking on the heading in the sample output will take you to the page, or lick on the link in the widget to the right.

Goblin Details
Name Name Wikpug Vykag
Armour Type Boiled leather
Condition Minor damage
Body Ears Large, Right Ear
Eyes Muddy brown,Normal
Hair Shaved/cut very short,Black
Teeth Missing – 2d4
Skin Green,
Personality Personaliy Scholarly
Position/Rank/Job Position/Rank/Job Servant/Slave
Size & Build Size Above average
Build Long limbed
Tattoos & Markings Tattoos & Markings Piercing – Ears
Symbol Symbol Dagger/Knife
Voice/Speech Voice/Speech Strong accent
Weapon Weapon
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Encounters & Events – SciFi Volume 1 – Space Derelicts & RPG Round Up

EE Scifi cover 1 thumbEncounters & Events – SciFi Volume 1 – Space Derelicts

Throughout your adventures, quests and missions, you will run into various individuals and experience odd sometimes random-seeming events and encounters. They might puzzle you, endanger your group or simply be a mystery you can never solve.

Features 100 entries, most of them with further sub-options to give you more variety and possibilities.

This volume of Encounters & Events is themed around what might be encounter onboard a derelict Starship found drifting through the void.

Sample entry –
#10 – Biogenic Field
A biogenic field is an energy field composed of biological energy. Contact with this field…

D20 Biogenic Field
1 – 5 Causes extreme pain
6 Heals wounds
7 Induces mutations
8 – 16 Is deadly to organics
17 Only allows organic life through
18 – 19 Prevents organic life passing through
20 Stuns organic based beings

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Random List – 20 Herb & Spices Names

Need a name for a herb or spice? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get! Taken from Herb & Spices Name Generator

D20 Herb/Spice Name
1 Biting Amber Bell
2 Broken-Lobed Mint
3 Cross-Headed Delight
4 Deep Rats Husk
5 Deep-Stemmed Bane
6 Divine Maiden Toe
7 Fine Princes Foil
8 Five-Horned Horses Tea
9 Fragrant Demon Nut
10 Furry-Lobed Wood
11 Gold Seal
12 Jagged-Lobed Emerald Star
13 Marsh Drop
14 Metallic Emperors Reed
15 Narrow-Stemmed Reed
16 Oozing Rose
17 Poisonous River Star
18 Thick-Seed Shade
19 Thick-Veined Broom
20 Three-Petalled Glove


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