[World Anvil] – Scroll of the Conclave (updated)

Scroll of the Conclave

By signing this, you have brought the world on the path to healing. We have all seen that there are many terrors “out there”. We needed to work together or die alone. And today…today we have begun to show just what we are capable of doing

— Erus Cambell, Signing of the first Conclave

 The Scroll of the Conclave, is, technically speaking a class of items. But often when people refer to a Scroll of the Conclave (SotC) they mean the first and most well known, the one used by Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace at the first Conclave of House-Nations . Although the method of construction of the original SotC is not understood, scryers, diviners, mages and so on, have been able to careful study the scroll to duplicate it’s effects, but at a much lesser poten...

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[Weekly Update] – 8th of April 2020

It be Woden’s Day and time for an update as per normal.


Last weeks pdf “Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” was out and as its volume 9 in the series the idea of doing a compilation, both as separate pdfs bundle and a all-in-one-document, is an idea that will happen.

The next PDF , which is currently in “just have to put the info into the tables” stage is a supplement for “Deities and Pantheons” but can be used on its own. Its names is “Names and Domains” and gives you 200 ready to use, gender neutral (mostly) names and about 400 domains or areas of influence.

World Anvil

There was no WA article last week as I was expanding on my streaming plans.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


The streaming schedule is staying the same as before:

  • M – BL3 – Just finished the moxxi DLC and...
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[List] – Positive Emotions

Emotions come in a massive range, some bad, some good. This week’s list gives you the names of 20 emotions that are considered by many to be positive – next weeks list will have 20 negative to compliment this list

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 emotion name
1 accepting
2 awe
3 calmness
4 cheerfulness
5 contentment
6 courage
7 curiosity
8 delight
9 empathy
10 envy
11 gratitude
12 inspiration
13 interest
14 joy
15 jubilation
16 passion
17 relaxation
18 satisfaction
19 smugness
20 trust

 Where to find & support Ennead Games online
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DrivethruRPGOpen Gaming StorePaizo
Social M...

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[General] – Streaming Plans

I briefly mentioned this yesterday about my plans for streaming now that the STA campaign has ended. There is no time frame for this, its a “it will happen when it will happen” kind of thing, mainly because I dont know how long various bits will take to do, so saying “oh yes it will start in 3 months” will probably not be accurate.

Current Status

  • Mondays – Currently Borderlands 3 – Once the core game and current DLC (Moxxi Heist + Love and Tentacles) is done, then will be returning to ESO. There is a LOT of content for that game and more coming out in a month or so.
  • Tuesdays – Star Trek Online – There are only a few more arc episodes left, but there are some mini-arcs, side missions, battlezones and so on I have not touched on at all...
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[Weekly Update] – 1st of April 2020

This Wednesday update is brought to you by “I have hay-fever and the cat is shedding fur –  thats why i am sneezing…NOTHING ELSE”


Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” came out on Monday. One of the entries in it was originally related to diseases. I thought under the current circumstances that that might not be a great idea so i changed it to Deity Domains. Which got me thinking about domains and so on. The next planned PDF will be one thats gives 200 deity names and about 300 domains, so you could have, for example, “Xolotyl, God of fire” and so on.

World Anvil

The featured article last week was about the Godshards, an item that I originally created to explain how one of the wizard characters in my DnD game could take on a level of warlock.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil ...

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