Quick Generator – Creature Concepts 3 and the D&D blog Round Up

Quick Generator – Creature Concepts 3

The Quick Generator series was designed with one concept in mind – a quick and simple way to come up with something that could be used in your games and stories.

Having no more than two d100 tables, it is easy and as the name suggests, quick, to use.

Each volume is stand alone and doesn’t need other tables, but there is nothing stopping you combining or using the various volume together.

This edition is a sequel to the original Creature Concepts Quick Generator and has a focus on real-world creatures and their variations, giving you 100 x 100 (10,000 or 10k) possible creatures that are based on existing animals.

Possible creations include…

  • White-Tailed Chipmunk
  • Crested Rabbit
  • Dusky Tortoise
  • Star Stork
  • Gray Butterfly

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Random List – 20 Baltic Deity Names

Todays 20-List gives you 20 names used by deities in the Baltic region. Which of these to do you know?

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Deity Name
1 Bangputys
2 Ceroklis
3 Dewing Usching
4 Egle
5 Gyvate
6 Keliukis
7 Kremara
8 Kupolė
9 Laumas
10 Māra
11 Moschel
12 Perkunas
13 Pilvytis
14 Raugo žemepatis
15 Raugupatis
16 Rugiu Boba
17 Saulė
18 Sietynas
19 Vaiva
20 Zaltys


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STA:Damocles – Creating the USS Damocles

STA:Damocles – Creating the USS Damocles

Fingers crossed, the STA:Damocles campaign starts on Saturday. So today I felt like it would be appropriate to go through te basics of the design process i used to create what many consider to be the main character, the USS Damocles herself.

At first glance, creating a ship in STA looks complicated, but is quite easy.

  1. Decide on a time frame for the game – After all you would not have a ship like the Enterprise D, a Galaxy class in the TOS (The Orginal Series) era
  2. Choose a base space frame – This cover the basic superstructure, core systems, operational infrastructure and all other elements that are common to every vessel of the same class.
  3. Mission Profile – Is the ship going to be an explorer, a technical test bed or combat variation of the space...
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Product Preview – Assorted Slang and Terminology Volume 1

One of the newer pdf I am working on at the moment is a slight departure from the generator and a kind-of return to the Helpful List series. The working title is”Assorted Slang and Terms”. In essence, it’s a list of terms you can use in your games and stores to help flesh out your descriptions and make them feel more real and authentic.

Although each will have their own modified version of the format – the baseline for slang will be a list of English terms – followed by the “translated” version. One option I am looking into doing will be the reverse of that, the slang term followed by the English translation.

Some of the volumes will have a simple entry, such as the terminology followed by an explanation as to what it means – This will be more like a Glossary.

I am aiming to get one of the...

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Spell Options 9 – Universal Options details and the RPG Round Up

Spell Options 9 – Universal Options

For many a seasoned adventurer and explorer, magic can become, whilst still a useful tool, boring. You know what a certain spell is effective for, or how potent you need to be to use the spell found on a scroll.

The Spell Options series is a way of tweaking existing spells without using feats. You can change the colour, make the spell weaker and thus easier to cast or make them more powerful but unstable.

This volume focuses on options that can be used for multiple spells, some more applicable than others.

The options in this volume…
Casting Time
Casting Volume
Counter Reaction
Counterspell Resistance
Damage Range
Dispel Resistance
Favoured Target
Level Effect
Material Component
Material Cost
Spell Volume

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