Random List – Currancy Names

Need to decide what the locals call their currency ? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 currency Name
1 Abas
2 Akcheh
3 Batz
4 Crusado
5 Denier
6 Drachma
7 Dreyling
8 Eagle
9 Ecu
10 Harf
11 Kreutzer
12 Kroner
13 Mancus
14 Noble
15 Rin
16 Sequin
17 Shilling
18 Thaler
19 Tirce
20 Vintem


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R.I.G.S. Update

No new R.I.G.S. item this week as I working on re-doing the backend details and finishing off the first compilation volume, which I have to say is look pretty snazzy and even has, wait for it, artwork!

As with the Chunks, next week will have a list of the planned item that will be in the following 10 weeks, then there would be a gap, and the process would repeat.

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Campaign Chunk 8.3 – Hoodening

The tradition, or folk custom, of hoodening has been going on in many counties and remote areas. The tradition is one where a person who is on a hobby-horse and has a cloth made from old sacks placed over them like a giant hood. The earliest reference to this tradition was first recorded around 200 years ago. The hooded one is accompanied by a group who guide and direct them around obstacles. Many festival based activities, such as games and parties may take place as the hooded one and the guide party make their way around the area. The time frame for this event is normally in the spring time, before the seeds and crops are planted for this years harvest...

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RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


Fusion x64 TIFF File
“What is it?” Miranda asked with childlike curiosity. “A sacred relic from the past. A long lost part of our history, and something I haven't seen since I was a boy. A tiny piece of Earth, lightyears from home. A symbol of life, fertility, knowledge, and sin – of humanity's rise [...]
Sun, Oct 04, 2015
Source: Sci-Fi Ideas
Hi Everyone, I am hoping for a quieter day today, after the birthday bustle last week. Naturally, there are plenty of chores for me, but I am hopeful to set myself up for a good week by being busy today. Previously on Tales of a GM: [...]
Sun, Oct 04, ...

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Random List – Angelic style names

Need a name for your angelic type being? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

These names could also be suitable for beings that have fallen from grace.

D20 Angelic style name
1 Ahadiel
2 Attim
3 Chasel
4 Geyah
5 Gonhas
6 Hamahas
7 Husaz
8 Ishiquel
9 Isnach
10 Kadziel
11 Khemdon
12 Lamarquiel
13 Moim
14 Nachviel
15 Phannach
16 Qadael
17 Sukiel
18 Temquel
19 Turarel
20 Tzedach


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