Christmas in July Sale, Delightful Discoveries Volume 1 & RPG Round Up

Christmas in July

As of right now, the Christmas in July sale is in full swing with most of Ennead Games title in the sale with 25% off.

Examples that are on sale include:

Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition was 2.99 now on sale at 2.24
Creature Description Generator Volume 1 – Zombies was 1.50 now on sale at 1.13
[PFRPG] – Fantastic Feats Volume 52 – Critical Feats was 1.99 now on sale at 1.49

Hurry, as the sale ends on the 29th and the prices will be returning to normal afterwards

Delightful Discoveries Volume 1 – Pickpocketing – Mundane Items

Pickpocketing is a skill that many a thief and rogue possess. It allows them to steal an item from someones person and hopefully make off with it before they are discovered.

This edition of Delightful Discoveries gives you a list of 100 mundane or non-enchanted items your pickpocket may find when they decide to practice their craft.

To make things easier, in this case, pickpocketing also refers to backpacks, satchels and other easy to pilfer containers that someone might be carrying on their person and could miss it when you take it from them.

There are two parts to this. A simple and expanded table. The simple table is just a list of 100 items that could be found, useful for when you just need to know the basics. The expanded entries make use of this list and gives each of them several further sub-options to give you more possibilities.

Sample Entry:
You find some coins. They are

D20 Coins

1 – 2 Fake
3 – 4 From another region/country
5 – 6 Copper
7 – 8 Silver
9 – 10 Golden
11 – 12 Electrum
13 – 14 Porcelain
15 – 16 Covered in grime/dirt
17 – 18 Collectable
19 – 20 Blanks

Available now at –


Tabletop Library

Very soon available at – and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Random List – Rare and exotic animal companions

Druids and other classes often have animal companions. They act as guards,  friends and can be a great asset in battle and other situations. Some of the animals can be rare or hard to find. The question is, which animal has nature bestowed on the animal-friendly character?

D20 Rare & Exotic Animal
1 Bear
2 Camel
3 Condor
4 Cougar
5 Coyote
6 Dire Wolf
7 Elk
8 Giant Eagle
9 Giant Owl
10 Giant Spider
11 Gorilla
12 Griffon
13 Hippogriff
14 Hyena
15 Lion
16 Lynx
17 Panther
18 Pegasus
19 Tiger
20 Wolverine


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RIGS Repost – Lager of Regeneration

As a said yesterday, heat and other issues has made it hard for me to focus and also feel queasy/nauseous. So there is no gap, here’s a copy and paste repost from the first volume of RIGs – The Lager of Regeneration.

Lager of Regeneration

“Such a cool, reff-*burrp*-shing drink. I feel like I could, I could…take on the worldsss…No I am not dunksh…whats maskessss you shay that? *hic*”

Bradley Malory, Famous Drunkard

Lager of Regeneration

Power Level: Greater (9)

Activation: Blood – Target

Approximate Age: Several – 8 years

Condition: Fair (4)

The Lager of Regeneration was first developed about 8 years ago, although like many great discoveries, it was not what was intended...

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No new chunk – repost

There will be no new campaign chunk today (or RIGS tomorrow) as I am ill and being very queasy, making it hard to focus and concentrate. So you don have a balnk day, i’ll post a blast-from-the-past type post for the next couple of days,taken from the first volume of Campaign Chunks: The Glass Tower

Glass Tower


The Glass Tower (GT) is, as its name suggests, a tower made of what appears to be a form of glass.

It stands at approximately 40 floors above ground and about the same number below ground. The outside glass is not normal glass as it would shatter under the pressure that all tall buildings suffer from. It is said to resemble an impossibly large glass dagger that has been thrust into the ground.

Apart from the semi-see through glass, what makes the GT standout is that fact...

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Latest generator updates

This week there I have added 3 generators, 1 new and two that form part of another. The first is an expansion of the Backgrounds & Details generator and gives you information about  the characters parents.

Parent Details
Parents Mother Alive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Still together, never married
Relationship with character Typical parent/child relationship

The second takes the quick character concept and puts it on its own page

Quick Character Details
Age Adult
Gender Male
Species Half-Orc
Profession Healer
Personality Frigid

The third is the combination of the above...

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