It begins…

Welp, today, after getting what I could be saved from the old HD (which despite best efforts was zero) I have to begin the task of re-installing and formatting and laying out everything I can. This may, at first glance seem simple and easy, but the old machine was a windows 8.1 and the new one is windows 10 – which I have to admit I am starting to like.

In addition to my previous posts about my plans for the future, I now have to deal with this. This is not an “oh woes is me..” type of thing, more of a heads up to let you all know whats going on. Old programs have to be installed, tested for Windows 10, updated and so on. Then, the stage I am at now is restoring, as best I can, the old data, fonts and everything else.

Once all that is done, THEN I can start trying to recreate the latest pd...

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Semi-back from disaster

A bit of a bad news/good news situation this week for me and Ennead Games.

First, the bad – Last week my work machine suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure. Whilst I do have back-ups, the latest couple of items that were ready to be released were not able to be saved. I have the notes for two out of three of them, they still need to be recreated, have the background pages format etc. In essence, I am having to start again from scratch with this and the other projects as well as purchasing a new machine.

So what does this mean? Well this week, and probably next, there will be no new releases – That and the above “bad” news.

Now for the good

Instead of the planned releases I am, from now until Christmas Day, running a sale on the larger bundles EG has on sale

One is everything that EG p...

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[Tales of a GM] – Shadow of Yesterday, Part 2: Action Types

Shadow of Yesterday, Part 2: Action Types

Phil Nicholls blogs at Tales of a GM, where he writes about narrative gaming, faster prep and more story. He is currently running a HeroQuest Glorantha campaign in a home-brew setting. Phil has written for Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter and produced a selection of self-published pdfs.

This essay is taken from the archives at Tales of a GM.

In this exploration of Shadow of Yesterday I focus on an interesting breakdown of actions in RPGs. Clinton outlines three ways skills can interact with each other during a contest.

Shadow of Yesterday

Shadow of Yesterday was written by Clinton R Nixon, published by CRN Games in 2005. The introduction describes the game as follows:

This is a fantasy roleplaying game set in a wor...

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Places you can find Ennead Games on the internet

I *did* have some notes planned for today’s blog, but they appear to have gone into the astral plane – so one of my backup plans is a reminder about the other places on the internet you can find Ennead Games (and my personal twitch page as well). A warning, some of these are not as active as others.

Plus a couple of online stores


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Resource – Roll Advantage Token Maker

This week’s resource is another quick and simple one – a free to use online token maker. For those who are not familiar with the term, when playing RPG games, especially when online, having a token, is the equivalent of having a miniature to represent a character, PC or NPC. This token is then moved around on the screen (or printed off and used as a miniature if your budget is not high).

One major advantage tokens have other miniatures is they are easy to replace if broken or lost. The downside is they don’t feel as “real” but that is not an issue for many people.

Using the site is easy and free to do – The creator does have a patreon, so if you enjoy it, why not throw them a subscription for a while. You literally drag and drop an image onto the page (or upload an image) to start off...

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