Generator Round-up and general news.

In case you’ve missed them, have rounded up the generators I have put on the site this month with handy links to them. My current plan is to try to add at least once generator a week for most weeks, except on days like today when I planning out the rest of what I need to do.

As always, if you have any suggestions for generators you’d like to see, get in touch either via this site or on the Facebook page.

In other news, I am going to my first convention in any many years this Saturday in London, Dragonmeet.

Goblin Gangs


Mercenary Groups

Merchant Caravans 


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Prison Details Generator & RPG Round Up for 30th November 2015

prison details cover thumbPrison Details Generator

Criminals exist, and prisons also exist as a way to punish and sometimes rehabilitate the guilty, or wrongly imprison the innocent.

The Prison Details Generator is designed to help prompt your imagination and help you flesh out the centres of incarnation. Made to be suitable for almost any genres, although some aspects might be more suitable for a fantasy genre and others for a sci-fi or modern.

The tables within this generator:

Conditions & Cells – What is the condition of the cells?
Contraband Found – What happens when contraband is found?
Contraband Type – What types of contraband are there?
Education, training & work – Are the inmates educated or trained?
Escape – How often does escape occur here?
Executions – Do executions occur here if so what method?
Facilities – Covers the facilities available at this prison
Food & Drink – What is the food and drink like here?
Gangs – What are the gangs like inside this prison?
Guards – How competent are the guards?
Location – Where is the prison located?
Population – What is the make up of the prison population?
Punishments – How are inmates punished for transgressions?
Religion – Is religion tolerated inside this prison?
Rewards – How are prisoners rewarded for good behavior?
Security – How good is the security here?
Staff – What about the non guard staff?
Visitors – Are visitors allowed?
Warden – Just what is the deal with the warden here?

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

Don’t forget Ennead Games has a Patreon running now as well

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Random List – Moss, weeds etc


Moss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A patch of moss is made of many tiny moss plants packed together so that they can hold water for as long as possible. A weed is a plant that people think is bad, because it is growing in the wrong place.

Need to know what odd and sometimes annoying plant is growing? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!



D20 Moss/weed etc
1 Algae
2 Benthon
3 Conferva
4 Dulse
5 Focoid
6 Focus
7 Gulfweed
8 Iceland Moss
9 Irish Moss
10 Kep
11 Plankton
12 Reindeer Moss
13 RockWeed
14 Sargasso
15 Sargassum
16 Sea Lettuce
17 Seaweed
18 Sea Wrack
19 Stonewort
20 Wrack


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R.I.G.S. Results 2.8 – Eye of Explosive Light

Human eye

Human eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eye of Explosive Light

“I was the last one to see, hah, the eye in action. It was incredible, the light was mesmerizing. Then he unleashed its power. All of it at once. By the grace of the gods I was far enough away to not be seriously harmed but the explosion was like the birth of a demon made of light”. I was blinded for days. When my vision returned, I went back to the battle site. All that was left was a massive crater. No living soul remained, only their gear and equipment. At the bottom of the crater was the eye and nothing else.”

Eye of Explosive Light
Power Level: Empty (0)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Several – 4 years
Condition: Damaged (2)

The Eye of Explosive Light is not technically an eye, but a small glass orb, about th...

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Campaign Chunks News

No new Campaign Chunk this week as I have finished off a previous project and will be focusing on editing and tweaking the next compiled volume of the Campaign Chunk series. Next week, the same as last time, I’ll be posting a list of the next 10 planned chunks.

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