25 September 2020

Ennead Games

Helping you make your stories and games legendary

  1. An armband made of steel (900 gp).
  2. A handkerchief made of balbriggan (1,700 gp).
  3. A key made of Nuttall oak wood (200 gp).
  4. A lyre made of , filled with poison antidote (30 gp).
  5. A bones (kobolds) made of Southern redcedar wood (1,100 gp).
  6. A brooch made of (100 gp).
  7. A song (written by Johanna* Durchoevor I (F)) (60 gp).
  8. A drinking horn made of mithril (100 gp).
  9. A flying creature (wyvern) statuette made of Southern redcedar wood (60 gp).
  10. A horn (natural) made of (400 gp).


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