11 April 2021

Ennead Games

Ideas, tools, and generators to help and inspire for your games and story-telling

  1. Plays a thorough bouncy march.
  2. Sings a thorough nonchalant reel in D-Sharp.
  3. Plays an abbreviated bouncy lament in C.
  4. Sings, The end and Confession of Selayth.
  5. Sings, Gamar of Coppergarth in D.
  6. Sings a brief light-hearted strathspey.
  7. Sings, highwayman of Hackant in C-Sharp.
  8. Plays a concise somber march.
  9. Sings a concise animated piobaireached.
  10. Plays a long merry jig.


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