10 Demon true names and use names

True Name: Abl
Use-Name: Fondlespike Festerwail

True Name: Thlerssdhtln’naoq’e
Use-Name: Flushquiver Fistspite

True Name: Foltltlksoodheushhl
Use-Name: Facehot Rabidfire

True Name: Chocogiouuil
Use-Name: Gnashgross Spasmleper

True Name: Il
Use-Name: Spurtgreen Vilegreen

True Name: Bhgzoeda
Use-Name: Bluntwobble Spoorglutton

True Name: Aaooarkwoazh
Use-Name: Spewspine Skullfondle

True Name: Uu
Use-Name: Rheumgibber Gropeeye

True Name: Llar
Use-Name: Redblunt Sharpgall

True Name: Eouleabln’n
Use-Name: Puschaos Graspbowel


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