11 April 2021

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10 Demonic and Use-names

Demons have two names..a true name and a use name for mortals.

True Name: Own’noayeothl
Use-Name: Axeheart Spewwrack

True Name: Phdhaauloosh
Use-Name: Dangleeat Skullpierce

True Name: Thleear
Use-Name: Burblebreak Grimspoor

True Name: Arflaoilcc
Use-Name: Reapman Festerfroth

True Name: Kscckwoeaodudeow
Use-Name: Wobblecraze Pukepierce

True Name: Aaoeuldhao
Use-Name: Rabidman Bluntdeath

True Name: Rhoadhoezthln’nodhaa
Use-Name: Vilebreak Stingcrush

True Name: Deang’gq’euanfol
Use-Name: Bogfiddle Blackhot

True Name: Kwakaang’g
Use-Name: Putridworm Spitefroth

True Name: Aaeeaq’
Use-Name: Ripsin Coldblast

Created by using : Tablesmith

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