20 January 2021

Ennead Games

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Dwarfs are stereotypical know for being colourful with their language. Their insults can be imaginative. Here are 10 for you to use.

  1. Rickety fish-catching rockrunt.
  2. Mouldy slate-carving breadcrumb.
  3. Barbed tree-climbing mushroom.
  4. Mouldy nib-chewing tunnel worm.
  5. Unhoned moss-bearded mole.
  6. Slothful hearth-hating snake’s egg.
  7. Mouldy hearth-hating fuzzpot.
  8. Slothful porridge-faced gasbladder.
  9. Gibbering cave-slinking rockrunt.
  10. Repugnant gnat-ridden pixie.
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