11 April 2021

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10 Melee critical hit results

1 – You feint to the right before cutting back and slicing a nasty gash into your opponent’s side.

2 – You beat your opponent’s weapon to the left and then crush his nose with the butt-end of your weapon.

3 – Your weapon slices across your foe’s chest. He screams in rage, clutching his breast as blood pours down his torso. You notice a ragged bit of flesh on the floor; it appears to be a nipple.

4 – You sidestep with smooth flowing tactics and easily parry an attack. Spinning with precision, you find an opening and thrust your blade up in between armor plating. Your opponent screams out in pain.

5 – You jam your weapon through his foot (pinning it to the floor?).

6 – Your punch connects squarely to his solar plexus, interrupting his seemingly-endless stream of insults. He staggers backwards, short of breath.

7 – With the adrenaline of battle rushing through your mind, you add an unexpected last-second curve to your swing and make full contact with your opponent, slashing diagonally up his chest.

8 – Even after years of campaigning, the grinding sound of your axe blade successful digging deep into collar bones still makes you wince a little. But in this case of finally overcoming the raging foe in front of you, you’re prepared to put up with it.

9 – Feinting to the left and low, you quickly reverse your swing and take advantage of the opening you created, slashing your opponent across the arm.

10 – You deflect his attack with your sword and chop his face with your free hand.

Created by using : Tablesmith

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