20 September 2021

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10 Melee criticals results


  1. The weapon strikes the foe’s helmet, knocking it to the side and making vision more difficult.
  2. You parry a flurry of attacks, then seize the chance for a quick riposte into your foe’s neck.
  3. You sidestep with smooth flowing tactics and easily parry an attack. Spinning with precision, you find an opening and thrust your blade up in between armor plating. Your opponent screams out in pain.
  4. Even with your clumsy hands, you manage to jab your weapon into the face of your foe, who roars in pain.
  5. You thrust into your foe’s side until your blade meets bone. Then with a loud crunch, you push through the ribs further for X damage.
  6. As you strike, your opponent raises an arm, absorbing the hit that would have otherwise have landed squarely on the nape of his neck. However, you can feel your blade scrape bone, and as he retracts his blocking arm you clearly see a trail of blood streaming from his wound
  7. You hear a dull thunk as your axe blade chops into your opponent’s armor. Blood starts seeping from the wound as you extract your gruesome weapon.
  8. You duck underneath your foe’s wild attack, lashing out as your blow connects with her kneecap with a crunch.
  9. With deft skill your blow snakes past your opponent’s defense and draws his blood!
  10. You strike your opponent’s weapon aside and use his own strength against him to drive your weapon home!





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