10 April 2021

Ennead Games

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Presented here are 10 random art objects.

  • Who made them?
  • Was it a commission?
  • How much are they worth?


  1. A gigantic copper sculpture depicting a malfunction involving a stocky, poor athlete. It is a rare collectors’ piece.
  2. A medium-sized etching of a very short acrobat. It is in great condition.
  3. A very large sketch of an oak tree. It was done in an old-fashioned style.
  4. A large drawing of a hummingbird and a sword.
  5. A large redwood statue depicting a promise involving the squat brother of a famous queen. It is in excellent condition.
  6. A very large carving of a stocky inventor.
  7. A medium-sized oil painting of a lightning bolt. It is more valuable than it appears.
  8. A rather small tapestry of a magpie and a scimitar.
  9. A small oil painting depicting a misstep involving a wiry nymph. It was done in an exotic style. It is in very good condition.
  10. A large drawing of a very short, stocky unknown person. The predominant colors are pale gold and red-orange. It was done in an old-fashioned style.


Generated with : Treasure Horde Generator from Chaotic Shiney

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