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RIGS (Revisited) SciFi 1.06 – Phasing Grenade

From the archives, another of my favourites from the last volume of RIGS

RIGS SciFi 1.06 – Phasing Grenade

“Hated these things. But at the same time, they are damn effective. The training was hard to be qualified to use them, but you never got over the fear of these things, which I suppose is healthy, considering what they can do. I can still remember the training holo-vid they showed us the first day. There was the poor guy testing it. He had one of those early variable phase timer versions, so he through it at his teammate, to demonstrate how when setting up right they would pass through solid objects Only he didn’t set the timer right or there was a defect or something and the grenade phased right inside the guy’s body...

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