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Random List – 20 SciFi Material Names

These materials names were made from information inĀ Quick Generator – SciFi Material Names. Based on their names, some of them should be obvious what they are and the properties they have. But what about the others? Are they expensive, easy or reliable materials? Or Are they unstable, useless and only a curiosity for the inquiring mind?

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D20 Material
1 Absorbing Rubber
2 Amorphous Rutherfordium
3 Bio- Polymer
4 Calibrated Glue
5 Cyclic Brass
6 Dark Silicon
7 Decayed Cadmium
8 Enhanced Cloth
9 Fragile Zinc
10 Inverted Gel
11 Luminous Platinum
12 Magnification Wood
13 Modified Alloy
14 Non-flammab...
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