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Cheese dish generator now live

Think i was abit hungry when i made this one. Click on the link in the header to be taken to the page.

Cheese based dish
# Dish
#1 Aged Pelardon des Corbieres Macaroni and cheese
#2 Mature Mozzarella Rolls Queso flameado
#3 Aged Jarlsberg Frito pie
#4 Strong Halloumy Mazë
#5 Aged Lavistown Papas chorreadas
#6 Aged Grabetto Cheese puffs
#7 Briney Tyn Grug Quesillo
#8 Extra-Strong Tilsit Tiropita
#9 Strong Liptauer Queijo coalho grelhado
#10 Mature Formaggio di capra Moretum
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Deities and Pantheons pdf details & RPG Round Up

Deities and Pantheons

“Zeus, first cause, prime mover; for what thing without Zeus is done among mortals?”
― Aeschylus, Agamemnon

In many ways, the deities or gods of your world should be treated as characters in their own right. They have their own desires, goals and abilities. These might be out in the open, such as preparing mortals for the end times, or they could be hidden goals, only revealed to those who prove themselves worthy.

On many worlds, these beings made the planet you are standing on, he stars in the skies. They may control the very air you breathe or can guide your blade to victory. Some gods even work with or against others divine beings.

Take your time with them and use the aspect tables to help fill in the blanks, or, use them as a starting point. Never be afraid to roll again or too pick a result you feel works better. On the flip side, you don’t always have to throw away a seemingly contradictory or nonsense result, as these can sometimes give you the most memorable characters, or in this case, deities.

But, if you need details, or at least, something to help jump-start your imagination and the creative process, then look no further.

Inside you’ll find…

Pantheon aspects which covers…

Nature of the pantheon
Where did they come from
Power Source
Range of their power

Individual Deity aspects such as…

Friends and enemies
Name style
Power Level
Relationship with mortals
Rules, taboos and atonement

Plus 5 appendixes, all d100 tables, to help flesh out the details you may need even more
Appendix 1 – Base Form
Appendix 2 – Domain
Appendix 3 – Rules & Taboos
Appendix 4 – Symbols & Tools
Appendix 5 – Worshipers

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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[Tales of a GM] – Personal Growth in RPGs

Personal Growth in RPGs

Phil Nicholls blogs at Tales of a GM, where he writes about narrative gaming, faster prep and more story. He is currently running a HeroQuest Glorantha campaign in a home-brew setting. Phil has written for Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter and has a selection of self-published pdfs.

This essay is taken from the archives at Tales of a GM.

This article was written as part of my hosting of the January 2016 RPG Blog Carnival. My chosen theme was Gates and Portals, but I broadened out the topic in this essay.

Personal Growth

The topic for the January Blog Carnival grew from the origins of the name January. The Roman god Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions...

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Random List -20 Legendary or Mythical Weapons

Legendary Mythical Weapons are famous weapons that had a massive impact on history. A few of them may be argued to be simply stories but others are real and have achieved legendary or mythical status due to the impact they had on various cultures. See how many you recognise without searching on the internet.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

1 Caladbolg
2 Durendal
3 Excalibur
4 Fragarach
5 Gan Jiang & Mo Ye
6 Gram
7 Green Dragon Crescent Blade
8 Harpē
9 Joyeuse
10 Mjölnir
11 Pasha
12 Pashupatastra
13 Ruyi Jingu Bang
14 Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegār
15 Sharur
16 Sword of Damocles
17 Taming Sari
18 Thuận Thiên...
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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.03 – Myrotrophia II [Planet]

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.03 – Myrotrophia II [Planet]

“Captain…I don’t understand these readings we are getting from Myrotrophia II. There is nothing there. No lifeform, the city of Hilar, not there. Nothing! Bringing up viewscreen now, getting some odd interference and…I don’t believe it. The city is there, along with everything else. I can see it as plain as I can see you Captain, but …I think there might be something wrong with the sensors as they still say the planet is empty of higher life and civilisation. The scanners…are fine?? What?? No I didn’t know about the scattering field…ha ha very funny, a big joke on the new guy…”

Size – 10% Larger than Earth.
Atmosphere – Virtually identical to Earth
Satellites – 2
Land/Water – 50/50
Day – 22 hours
Year – 390 earth days

Myrotrophia II, known ...

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