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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.06 – Explosive Dandelion [Plant]

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.06 – Explosive Dandelion [Plant]

“Ohh this looks nic..Achooo **** BOOM **** …”
Last known words of Alfred T Farn, first, but not last victim of the Explosive Dandelion.

Looks like: Normal Terran Dandelion
Effect: Seeds are explosive and very fragile

The Explosive Dandelion named the Terran-based flower known as Taraxacum officinale or common dandelion, is a small yellow petaled flower, that grows in almost any terrain where there are appropriate soil and nutrients. A casual glance at the flower will show that it has a slight orange tint to the end of the petals, but there almost nothing else the average person can do to tell the difference between these dangerous plants and the regular variety.

The ED, as you might expect not a natural plant...

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