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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.08 Wild Steel [Material]

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.08 Wild Steel [Material]

“You honestly think that steel blade can harm me? I am a top tier Chaos Mage, feared throughout the lands, your blades cannot….wait….is that…Keep that blade away from me…do not let it touch me. Listen we are in terrible danger because of that blade. It is made from Wild Steel, you know what that is yes? If it touches me it can cause …wait…you DO not what it is, don’t you? Did you bring it here because of that fact? Seems like the prophecy is going to come true after all…”
Last words of famed Chaos Magician, Lord Farnum Furbert

Base Material – Steel
Primary effect – Reacts with chaos magic
Secondary effect – Each blade, armour or bit of equipment made from it develops a unique twist or quirk
Know also as – Chaos Bane, Fractal Steel

Wild Stee...

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