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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.10 – Aerons [Race/Species]

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.10 – Aerons [Race/Species]

“When we first encountered the Aerons, it was not hard to see where the old legends of the angels came from. They were very similar to us, we thought they were out lost cousins, so to speak. t was not long before we realised that the fact they looked like us may have been a coincidence, or possibly by design. Yes, design. You see, until recently, the Aerons did not exist. There are no records, no artefacts, no stories that can be confirmed nothing. Plus their minds are so unlike ours. They feel more like….insects…”

Species type – Humanoid-looking Insect
Main traits – Humanoid, wings, hive mind
Major disadvantage – Short lifespan

The creation of a new life is no trivial task, even though it occurs regularly...

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