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Random List – 20 Alcoholic Drinks

The alcoholic drink is a staple of any adventure that starts in, goes through or ends up in a tavern or inn. The ones listed below are a mixture of real life drinks, such as vodka, and made up ones. You can use this list to show what is on sale at the bar or roll and see what is overpriced swill or even out of stock.

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D20 Drink
1 Absinth
2 Blackcurrant Rum
3 Blonde Lager
4 Carnant Spiced Mead
5 Dark Rum
6 Emeraldwood White Wine
7 Fortified White Wine
8 Grape Wine
9 High Pinkhurst Pale Stout
10 Lemon Mead
11 Light Rum
12 Low Ironey Beer
13 New Emeraldhill Still Red Wine
14 Red Lager
15 Rose Win...
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