Daily Archives May 16, 2017

[Resource] – OrcPub Character Builder

Today’s resource is a character builder called OrcPub. It takes the job of planning your next character and automates it in such a way as to make it AL legal.

Using the site is so easy, you can create the basic stats of a character in under a minute.

First, you select what sources of info you want, from the Players Handbook and more. Each source adds more options to what you can pick, but many of them make your character non- AL legal.

Once you have picked the sources it’s an easy matter of working along the tabs. It tells you how many options you have available and greys out the ones that your choices so far have rendered impossible, such as a fighter having spells etc.

You work through, in order if you desire..

  1. Race
  2. Ability scores – With various option of how to pick your scores
  3. Cha...
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