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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.05 – Lamp of Carthas [Artefact]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.05 – Lamp of Carthas [Artefact]

“Behold, ye who speaks the sacred chant will find their way, your foes shall not approach and yea shall find tranquillity. Beware lest the oil run dry, for the lamp will draw on thy life force and turn you into that which you fear…”
Scroll IX of the Legendary Items of Franner collection.

The Lamp of Carthas is an old, very old artefact. A few stories say it was the first made during the Great Mage War, but this cannot be proven one way or another. The lamp gets its name from the first person that legends say possessed it, even though Carthas is recorded as saying it was never made by him, that he got it from someone else.

As with many artefacts from that era, the lamp itself is very unassuming to look at...

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