Daily Archives June 13, 2017

3rd test

if this one doesn’t work, gonna shelve the idea for the future

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2nd Discord test post

Trying a new method now, this should work *crosses fingers*

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Discord test post #1

Just testing a bot to see if it posts to the Discord correctly, feel free to ignore this and any others with Test post in the title

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Cybernetic Implant Name Generator now live

Another quick generator today folks – This one is for Cybernetics and Implant names. Obviously┬ádesigned for Scifi genres, but the thought does occur to me that with a bit of tweaking could be used for a fantasy setting…*writes idea to ideas list*. As normal, clicking on the header in the sample below will take you to the generator page.


Cybernetic/Implant Name
#1 Alien Mouth
#2 Acidic Patch
#3 Fusion Fluid
#4 Holographic Stomach
#5 Unstable Armour
#6 Prototype Antenna
#7 Polarized Light
#8 Synthetic Wing
#9 Standard Defence
#10 Regenerating Valve
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