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Mission Outlines Volume 1 and the RPG Round Up

Mission Outlines Volume 1

Ennead Games runs a patron to help fund various projects, such as keeping the website going on contributing towards general upkeep.

One of the rewards for subscribers is a weekly series of mission outlines, created using the “Adventure Outline Maker – Sci-Fi Edition” system and expanded on. This PDF is a compilation of 10 weeks’ worth of outlines. They have been expanded where needed, minor details changed, but essentially are the same as what the Patrons’ get, just they get it earlier.

The mission outlines inside this volume:

  • Darkness and Silence – A field medic needs help finding a mutant for a cure
  • Graska Incident – A drone operator seeks redemption
  • How to win friends and Influence AI – AI’s want friends too!
  • It can’t fall into the wrong hands – An ancient ship has desired powerful technology
  • Last of the First – A city ships houses one of the oldest beings in the universe
  • Lost and Found – An ancient relic resurfaces and needs to be moved
  • Nanos and Arguments – A government official puts themselves to the front of the line for a medical treatment
  • No good deed… – Sometimes you can’t even have a break without someone wanting your help
  • Some things should not be mapped – A military cartographer gets into trouble when they map something they should not have.
  • The one who was chosen – Events on Dragus III lead a religious inquisitor to seek help with the investigation.

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Tales of a GM – Villa Catacombs, Part 2: Bringing it all Together

Villa Catacombs, Part 2: Bringing it all Together

Phil Nicholls blogs at Tales of a GM, where he writes about narrative gaming, faster prep and more story. He is currently running a HeroQuest Glorantha campaign in a home-brew setting. Phil has written for Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter and has a selection of self-published pdfs.

This essay is taken from the archives at Tales of a GM.


In the previous essay, I walked through the process of brainstorming the background to the catacombs beneath a villa. The next step was to look at all of the ratings we created together, and pick out those elements to include in the tombs. Working from the larger areas down to the catacombs themselves, this gave me the following components to our hole in the ground:

  • Everc...
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Random List – 20 Military Squad Nicknames

Certain sections of the military develop nicknames or codenames. This helps to identify them easier and promote a reputation. Knowing, for example, that the “Lethal Wolves” are coming after you sounds scarier than their official documented name.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

1 Ace Avengers
2 Amazing Raiders
3 Angelic Vampires
4 Desert Fortresses
5 Dirty Raiders
6 Double Raptors
7 Glaring Marauders
8 Imperial Guard
9 Incredible Paragons
10 Inglorious Saviors
11 Lethal Wolves
12 Quiet Rams
13 Relentless Assassins
14 Rogue Demons
15 Scorching Paragons
16 Sinister Guard
17 Sinister Liberators
18 Stalwart Ra...
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Designers Diary – USG Chapters and Easthalen Links

Designers Diary – USG Chapters and Easthalen Links

Yesterday I talked about the planned chapters for Easthalen and mentioned I would do the same for USG  (Unnamed Scifi Game – Still need a good title for it). The chunks series is nominally set in this setting.

As before, the planned chapter listing below is rough and subject to change, but it should be something along these lines:

  1. Intro – Should be quite short
  2. Universe Timeline – Will cover the major events
  3. Species and Cultures – Will have pre-made races and probably a simple system for making own which can be expanded on later
  4. Classes and Jobs/Professions – As it says really
  5. Starships & Starbases – Quite important section for a SciFi Game, will detail the various forms of Sub-light and FTL travel around...
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Designers Diary – Easthalen Chapters

Designers Diary – Easthalen Chapters

Until I can get or find software that meets my requirements, I’ll be making the last two weeks of each month, on the Wednesday and Thursday, article days. These will be related to my planning and design of both Easthalen and the USG (Unnamed Scifi Game – I still need to think up a better title for this but will use it as a working title), plus anything else I can come up with, from ramblings, rants, suggestions on how to use EG products, reviews or anything else I can think of. The Chunks series will still be going on, but for the first two weeks of each month.

Now, on with today’s article…

So far I have the following rough ideas for chapters for Easthalen, in the approximate order I feel they should go:

  1. Introduction/Overview
  2. Timeline/History of the ...
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