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20 Wild West Names and Nicknames

Something I am going to start doing with a little bit mote regularity is using the Friday list to highlight some older pdfs. Today’s is “Wild West Names & Nicknames” and can be found here and here.

The first 10 entries on the list are female, the next 10 are male.

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D20 Wild West Names
1 Calla "Bitter Creek" Ireland
2 Frances "Cheyenne" Hillis
3 Gertrude "Flapjack" Quimby
4 Jessamine "Bean" Real
5 Kittie "Kid" O'Kones
6 Lorraine "Whiskey" Spire
7 Luz "Muddy" Andreas
8 Olive "Bishop" Uhler
9 Paralee "Smiley" Yancy
10 Samantha "Yellow" Edsell
11 Denver "Lonesome" Ramsay
12 Joeph "Dirty" Samson
13 Joes...
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