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Random List – B-Movie Titles

Something I have been tinkering with on and off for a while in my spare moments is a “B-Movie” title generator. For those who might not know, a B-move is/was a low-budget film of inferior quality made for use as a supporting feature in a cinema programme. They often had simple titles that reflected the low-budget as well. 20 such titles are listed below.

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D20 x
1 50-foot Insect vs. Monster Island!
2 Abominable Beast from Outer Space!
3 Destination Mercury!
4 Earth vs. the Brutal Flying Saucer!
5 Hunger of the Brutal Creature!
6 Hunger of the Unimaginable Apeman!
7 Indestructible Cannibal from The Dwarf-Planet!
8 J...
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