Daily Archives August 16, 2017

Existing and future product lines

Yesterday I mentioned about various product lines and what I had planned for future series. So today, I thought I’d go through what I have ongoing now and what I have planned. This isn’t all of them and the titles for the series can be thought of as working titles and can and probably will change. The lists below do not include one-offs or those i plan on updating and bringing out in a new format, such as the old Kits series.


These are series I have a lot of planned ideas for and have been doing reasonably well

  • Creature Description
  • Dungeon Feature
  • Empire Builder
  • Equipment Maker
  • Quick Generators
  • Spell Options

Future/Planned Series

  • Item Options – Like the Spell Options series, this will take an existing magical item, such as the famous bag of holding, and provide options for ...
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