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USFG – Psionics Overview

Psionics is, in essence, mental magic. It covers thing like telepathy, telekinesis and more.  The users are considered by many to be the equivalent of mages and spellcasters, able to control forces that others can barely understand. They can be feared, respected or hunted down as abominations in seemingly equal amounts.

One thing that is a universal truth in USFG (Unnamed SciFi Game) is that those who can command the powers of “mental magic” are more common than people think. Around 1 in 10,000 sentient beings are classed as a Tier 1 Psyker. 1 in ten thousand people can be classed as a T1. of those, 1 in a thousand can be classed as T2. Of those T2’s one in a thousand could be a t3 and so on and so on. There is no known upper limit to the teirs.

  1. These people might have above average luc...
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