Daily Archives October 4, 2017

Star Trek Adventures RPG

For those who know me IRL and who follow me on twitter (and if you don’t you should do that right now), will know how I have been raving about the new Star Trek RPG out from Modiphius Entertainment. Being a life-long Trek fan, although I’ll admit my knowledge isn’t encyclopedic, I do feel like I know enough to answer most questions about the setting.

As such, starting sometime in the first week of November I’ll be running an ongoing/online game. The first month or so will be the crew and myself getting used to the system and how to play, then, in the new year, be playing and hopefully record the game. Will also endeavour to have regular mission reports on the blog, crew NPCs details and so on.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more info on how you could join in and the campaign outline...

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