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STA: Damocles – Ship Profile – USS Damocles NX-80271

STA: Damocles – Ship Profile – USS Damocles NX-80271


Commissioned March 2381, Utopia Planitia Shipyards

“…hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness…”


Today, I’ll be going over the basic of the ship profile, or character sheet, for the USS Damocles, the main ship in my upcoming Star Trek Adventures RPG game.  Before I go into the details , a few things I have to let you know about the design and my choices:

  • No official rules exist as yet for the Prometheus class ship the Damocles is based on
  • Strictly speaking, the Damocles is an upgrade to the aforementioned Prometheus class –  To the point, it’s a new class on its own. If the Prometheus was a tactical ship, the Damocles could be classed as an Engineering/Science vessel
  • I had to fudge the ship creation rules – Following the rules in the book is fine for 99% of the ships. But in order to fit all the features, I wanted I I let that slide. My reasoning behind this is that the game will be starting in the year 2381, so technology has advanced a little bit. Plus the ship is classed as a prototype, so “interesting things” can happen as she has her shakedown cruise and so-on
  • Two new features have been added that don’t exist in the books – The Emergency Holographic Crew and the MVM – Both are experimental improvements over existing technology
  • In the Voyager episode “Message in a Bottle” it was shown that the ship could be competently used by 4 people – This is reflected in the ship having more automation than a standard vessel and vastly less crew – At full capacity, the Damocles would have less than 100, with a typical operating capacity of around 60 to 70. Again, this automation, like the experimental features, may play a part in future adventures.
  • The stats and information presented below are a WIP and taken from my notes, as much as I can reveal right now. They are subject to change, but for the most part, are complete, or at least useable in game

Enough of me waffling on, time to tell you about the ship herself.

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