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Random List – 20 Titles suitable for an anime or manga

Anime is a Japanese term for hand-drawn or computer animation. Mangas are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language. To many people outside of Japan, the titles or names of them may seem non-sensical or odd. This list below gives 20 that were made/semi-randomly generated to feel like they could be used as proper titles for animes or mangas.

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D20 Title
1 Awkward Diver World
2 Bio Shadow Card
3 Bionic Paladin Fall
4 Cat Pirate Noon
5 Cat Puppet Sudoku
6 Cybernetic Goddess Extreme
7 Fatal Ghoul Spring
8 Giant Spy Restaurant
9 Highschool Pirate Champion
10 Infernal Fist Garden
11 Jump...
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[Dev Notes] – Dungeon Feature – Statues

With myself now being mostly caught up with older projects and things getting back into line, I can continue to work on my extensive to-do project list. One that has been sitting on the back-burner for a while is the Dungeon Feature series. This next planned one is about statues. Like the rest of the DF series, it can be used outside of dungeons, such as in a city or private home.

So far I have the following in my notes file for possible aspects, in no particular order

  • Material
  • Subject
  • Pose/position of the subject
  • Base/Plinth for the statue
  • Condition of the statue
  • Size
  • Inscription on the plinth, if any
  • Quirks/Features

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. Two, however, are closely linked and I might integrate them into one table. The subject and the pose/position...

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Random List – 20 Japanese Deity/Spirits

Getting back into the swing of things, although with the holiday season upon us, things really won’t be back to “normal” until the new year.

This week, the random list for you to use or draw inspiration from is about Japanese deities and spirits

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D20 Deity
1 Aizen Myoo
2 Bishamon
3 Chup Kamui
4 Daikoku
5 Fire Fade
6 Fire Flash
7 Ida Ten
8 Kojin
9 Konohana
10 Kunitokotachi
11 Monju
12 Monju Bosatsu
13 Nichiren
14 Oanomochi
15 Seven Gods of Luck
16 Shoko O
17 Susanoo
18 Toyotama
19 Uke Mochi
20 Zao Gongen
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Almost caught up/work done

Things have gone quite smooth (touches wood) so far this week with regards to catching up on things. All but two projects have been recovered and restored to the state they were before the HD crash and having to get a new work machine. One, a quick generator, is going to have to be re-done from scratch. The other is my sessions/season plan for Star Trek Adventures. The last is not an issue as much as it sounds – I have had some ideas about other ways of doing things and this is giving me the perfect opportunity to get the groundwork sorted in a better fashion.

All in all, things have, considering the shenanigans of the last couple of weeks, gone much smoother.

I do have one small bit of sad news though  – Phil from Tales of a GM is retiring his blog, so this means no more posts on Saturd...

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Sneak Preview – Spell Options 8 – Universal Options

Today, going to give a sneak preview of an upcoming pdf called “Spell Options 8 – Universal Options”

The Spell Options series is a set of pdfs that take existing spells and gives you ways of tweaking them, giving them a unique spin, such as larger effect, change of colouration, and more. Each option has an associated SL, or Spell level, cost. Improve one aspect will mean you treat the spell as one or two or more levels higher. This can be offset by taking penalties, which reduce the SL back to its original level, or even below, but not bellow level 1 or above level 9. There are other rules and guidelines that go along with this system, but that’s the basics of it.

For the most part, each volume is tailored to one spell, such as a curse, or the famous Fireball...

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