Daily Archives December 19, 2017

Patreon Plug Time

Now that Patreon has backtracked on their decision to change their fee structure, I feel like it would be an appropriate time to plug my own patreon, which can be found HERE.

To briefly summarize it:

  • There are 4 tiers
    • Tier 1 – $1
    • Tier 2 – $3
    • Tier 3 – $5
    • Tier 4 – $10+
  • Tier 1 is the basic “Tip” level you get 1 “free” pdf a month plus access to the patron only posts, plus if you need help creating something simple, that can be summarised in one or two sentences I’ll help you or do it for you.
  • Tier 2 gets you the T1 rewards plus what I’ll help you with is expanded
  • Tier 3 gets you T1 and T2 and is expanded further with what I can help you with
  • T4 is more for sponsorship or advertisement levels for the generator pages
  • The current Patron-exclusive project is called the “Deck of Decks” – Lik...
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