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Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

“Knowledge is Power”

Designers note – This is the second of the great house profile for Easthalen and deals with the house-nation of Bilbios, scholars and covert agents

There is a common saying amongst the various races and houses that translates to “knowledge is power”. The House-Nation of Bilbios is the living example of that saying.

It is well known that their name comes from another world, as they were one of the first to cross the planes. In fact, the legend goes that the founder of what became Biblios, one Michael Dibosa, was if not the first to travel to another plane of existence and return with proof of the multiverse, then he was the first who was officially recorded doing so...

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Resource – NaturalCrit

This weeks resource is the free to use website NaturalCrit.

Natural Crit is a site that allows you to make documents that look just as good as the official ones you can find done by the makers of 5e. Now it’s not 100% the same, but it’s damm close and for homebrew of things you want to put up on the DMsGuild it’s perfect.

At first glance, it looks complicated. Lots of text on the left and a live-preview on the right. But practically everything you need is right there. It shows you an example and you are encouraged to mess around with the text. The live preview shows you what you are typing in the new format.

The site uses Markdown to format things and it’s mightly impressive

You can…

  • Add in new tables and fill them with ease
  • Add headings
  • Use highlight boxes
  • Add in art if desired
  • much mo...
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RPG Round Up (No PDF this week)

No PDF this week – no problems just it was something that was planned to happen for the end of January anyway to give me a chance to do backups and much-needed sorting out and some more work on other projects that have been sitting on the shelf for ages

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Random List – 20 Baltic Deity Names

Today, the list is a simple one – 20 names used for Baltic deities

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Name
1 Aspelenie
2 Auseklis
3 Ausschauts
4 Bubilas
5 Deivas
6 Dewing Isching
7 Giltine
8 Indraja
9 Kalvaitis
10 Krumine
11 Kupolė
12 Lielais Auseklis
13 Lopu Mate
14 Meidene
15 Mezavirs
16 Nijole
17 Nujema
18 Perkana
19 Pilnytis
20 Zemyna


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Easthalen – Nations of Easthalen  1 – Corlak, land of the sentient items

Nations of Easthalen  1 – Corlak, land of the sentient items

Note: When I had my HD crash a couple of months ago, some of the files lost were to do with Easthalen, something I only found out this week. So I am taking this as a chance to re-do everything one more time, with a bit more organisation than before. So here is the first of the articles about the Great House Nations.

At the time of writing there are, in the land known as Easthalen, 12 Great Houses. All but one House is in control of a particular nation. Some are large, some are magically advanced. The 12th “House” is the Archivers, officially they have no control over any nation, their only land that of the area called in the common tongue the Vault, which holds the most potent of magical artifacts, knowledge and technology...

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