Daily Archives February 1, 2018

STA: Damocles stream this coming Saturday, Q willing

Assuming nothing goes belly up and we don’t get struck by some weird anomaly, the second part of the “pilot” episode of Star Trek Adventures:Damocles will be streamed, this coming Saturday on my twitch channel, which can be found HERE. (https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus)

Today I’m going to be writing up my notes and ideas for part two along with jotting down some thoughts for future episodes.

I already have one guest episode done by RPGCrunch which is planned to be used in episode 4.

On the stream day, i’ll be taking my cue, in terms of running things, in terms of chat and messages from Critical Role/High Rollers/Shield of Tomorrow etc (won’t be as professional as them I am under no illusion of that – IT’s 4 people playing a game and generally having fun).

I’ll be going over these po...

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