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Random List – 20 Shakepseare style insults

Want your bard to have a witty, Shakespearean sounding insult or just want to flick the bird verbally to those stuck up nobles?

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D20 Insult
1 Thou beslubbering spur-galled wagtail
2 Thou bootless scale-sided foot-licker
3 Thou droning pigeon-liver'd blind-worm
4 Thou infectious boil-brained boar-pig
5 Thou infectious fly-bitten flax-wench
6 Thou jarring leaden-footed ratsbane
7 Thou loggerheaded milk-livered strumpet
8 Thou mangled motley-minded giglet
9 Thou misbegotten toad-spotted ratsbane
10 Thou odiferous clapper-clawed horn-beast
11 Thou paunchy toad-spotted ratsbane
12 Thou poisonous fat-kidneye...
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