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State of Things – A Ennead Games/Blog Update

What’s this? A blog update? But I thought it had been abandoned I hear you cry!

Worry not! This blog post is, as the name suggests, a way for me to update you about how things are going and what I am doing about stuff for the future.

First things first – Unless my financial situation goes really belly up, the blog and the generator will not be going anywhere (more about that later). The last few weeks, well, months if I am brutally honest, I was on the verge of burning out along with some other mental health issues. So, I wound things down, like with my workload for EG and the blog.

Whilst I don’t want to say I am back to full strength, mentally speaking, I am doing better, but will still have to take things easy...

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Random List – Herb Names

This week random list is 20 names suitable for herbs

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Name
1 Amberflax
2 Bishopberry
3 Bullthistle
4 Catseal
5 Fragrant Saintglove
6 Goatbell
7 Groundpepper
8 Hangmanvine
9 Hartspurge
10 Kingleaf
11 Maiden Drop
12 Motherbalm
13 Nightbright
14 Pixiebean
15 Snake Crown
16 Spring Doghemp
17 Stagreed
18 Sweet Falsebit
19 Toadbine
20 Tufted Falsesage


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