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[Current Project Status] Assorted Slang and Terminology – Occult/Magic

As part of my “keep things updated”drive,┬áthis post and others with the [CPS] tag above will cover the current project status. This week, I am working on “ASOT Occult Magic” a list/guide to terms found and used by those who practice the occult/magic (sometimes called Magik). Like others in the ASOT range, its purpose is to provide a handy list of terms and slang you may wish to use to give your games and stories that little bit of extra believability.

As things go, it’s looking like it *should* be out next Monday. I’m currently in the stage i call “copying all my notes into one document formatting” stage. then, of course, the cover needs to be done, but that’s the easy part in comparison.

Sample Entry

Corn Dolly
Also called a corn maiden, corn mother or old woman is a decorative object ma...

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