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[List] – Conflict Names

When a battle or conflict is going on, it rarely has a title assigned to it. But afterwards, or when being referred to later it does. This may reflect the size of it, like World War II, or be related to the nature of it, such as the War of independence. Whatever the reason, giving conflicts a name helps to make them feel more real later and a good reference point for those involved.

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D20 Conflict
1 Annabel Thorngage the halfing's Unrest .
2 Bahara Puktuhan's Insurgence .
3 Song P'ang's Battle .
4 The 4-Months Conflict.
5 The 4-Months War.
6 The 5-Days Crusade.
7 The 6-Months Insurrection.
8 The 9-Hours Insurrectio...
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