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[List] – 20 Bandit Names

Today’s list is sort of related to both this weeks PDF (about what to call your Thieves Guild) and one due out in a week about the details of your guild. You would need some names for the members of your TG, so here they are.

The first 10 are feminine names, with the next ten being masculine.

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D20 Bandit Name
1 Ann the Silent
2 Aryanna the Heist
3 Blackjack Ferne
4 Cheating Kelli
5 Courtney Three Toes
6 Farrah Bulletproof
7 Piper Razor
8 Razor Katelyn
9 Spider Callie
10 Toothless Aida
11 Bryson the Robber
12 Crazy Ernest
13 Four Fingered Robben
14 Greedy Terrel
15 Hendrick the Viper
16 Noel...
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