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[List] – 20 Bandit Names

To go along with “Thieves Guild Generator” you might need some bandit names to be members of the guild. so here is 20 of them, with the first 10 being feminine based names and the last 10 more masculine ones.

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D20 Names
1 Blue Eyed Kimmey
2 Blythe Two Face
3 Bulletproof Gabriella
4 Hannah Mad Eyes
5 Mad Man Ruth
6 Maria the Beast
7 Poppy the Pirate
8 Prowling Tuesday
9 Robbin Nightmare
10 Three Toed Ashford
11 Claiborne Crazy Eyes
12 Dillon Scarface
13 Elbridge Greed
14 Laughing Haywood
15 Mad Hat Darren
16 Michael Moneybags
17 Pickpocket Dudly
18 Rey the Snake
19 Rusty Jacob
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