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[List] – Gnome names

Today I give you 20 gnome names and try to resist the temptation to put “gname” in the title. The list below gives you 20 names suitable for those of gnomish heritage. The first 10 are feminine with the second 10 being  masculine names

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Names
1 Aithne Rotorgyro
2 Bae Wiggleworks
3 Cari Snipengine
4 Gara Slayervolt
5 Hye Woodmover
6 Irma Banestrider
7 Lacie Dualamp
8 Tia Berrydent
9 Urda Silverbuilder
10 Ver Smallspark
11 Alston Deepmixer
12 Cae Gembloom
13 Geshly Tiddlyblock
14 Limberg Piperchart
15 Loman Springdust
16 Orryn Liftflash
17 Roderic Wildbadge
18 Stefy Gearmixer
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ASD, RPGs and Me

I mentioned in a previous post I had something I needed to get off my chest, as it were. Now there is no need to panic or worry, I just feel I am comfortable enough now with things to let people know something that some would consider being major about myself.

About 3 or 4 years ago, around my 40th birthday, I was tested, then tested again to confirm and the result confirmed that I am on the autism spectrum, hence the ASD in the title. A decade or so ago it would have been classed as Aspergers, but is now ASD. Whilst I cannot say how it affects everyone I can say how it affected my life. Up until I was tested I had thought, and kinda still do but to a MUCH lesser degree, that I was mentally damaged, that I was unlikeable/unlovable for being “the weird kid/person”...

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Weekly Update – 29/05/2019

I want to say it’s been a fairly quiet week, but have got quite a few things done:

  • Had small panic attack when I realised I had 100% forgot to do a cover for “Empire Builder – Fortifications”
  • Sorted that out and released the aforementioned PDF – which has done ok so far
  • Started work on next PDF – another Quick Generator about Antagonists Concepts, this one themed around sci-fi types
  • Streaming – STA – Had a good storyline start things off that might have permanent repercussions for one of the players with an idea that we’re bouncing between us. This is something I absolutely love when it happens in a game when a player approaches the GM and says something like “I have an idea regarding (x)”
  • Semi-released the Deck of Decks...
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Deck of Decks

A long time ago on my now defunct patreon, I created what can be described as the “deck of decks” – A magic item that takes the original deck of many things and cranks it up. Each card/entry from the main deck leads to another deck (hence the name Deck of Decks)

It was planned on being released and may do in the future, but after a chat with a few people on twitter yesterday I was asked if I can share it. So I am.

Be warned it is very crudely designed and in its current form is not suitable for sale. BUT if there is enough interest I will see if I can get it quality improved and ready for general release, but that’s a “project for the future”. Think of this as basic play-test material.

Feel free to share it or use it with others...

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[PDF] Empire Builder – Fortifications

Empire Builder Fortifications

Populate and protect your empire with fortifications

You finally have your empire, or “acquired” one. You now have to deal with pesky bandits or those who seek to usurp your rule. You may encounter a fortification of some kind on your adventures, or you may even be the one that is doing the invading on behalf of your Queen!

Whatever the reasons for finding one, a fortification covers a few things, from castles to defensive walls and more. This publication gives you the basic details of the fortification, a starting point from which to build and customise for your own world.

Disclaimer – This publication gives you the outline for a fortification. The exact layout and look will need to be decided by you, although a rough guide is given to help you.


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