Daily Archives May 1, 2019

New Feature – Lists!

Oh look a blog post! The end times have come after all! Just a quick one to let you know I have started a new page called, imaginatively – Lists !

Unlike the generators, which take words and phrases and combine them in new ways to help prompt your imagination, these lists are for when you know the sort of thing you want, but not the precise details. You need a tree, but not bothered about the type, or you need a gemstone type and so on.

These will be added to on an ongoing basis and are simple to use. Simply press the button and the code will select a random entry from the predefined lists. That’s it! As time goes by more sections will be added and if required moved to new sub-pages.

The format *will* change over the next few months as I iron out issues and get things the way I want...

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