Daily Archives May 29, 2019

ASD, RPGs and Me

I mentioned in a previous post I had something I needed to get off my chest, as it were. Now there is no need to panic or worry, I just feel I am comfortable enough now with things to let people know something that some would consider being major about myself.

About 3 or 4 years ago, around my 40th birthday, I was tested, then tested again to confirm and the result confirmed that I am on the autism spectrum, hence the ASD in the title. A decade or so ago it would have been classed as Aspergers, but is now ASD. Whilst I cannot say how it affects everyone I can say how it affected my life. Up until I was tested I had thought, and kinda still do but to a MUCH lesser degree, that I was mentally damaged, that I was unlikeable/unlovable for being “the weird kid/person”...

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Weekly Update – 29/05/2019

I want to say it’s been a fairly quiet week, but have got quite a few things done:

  • Had small panic attack when I realised I had 100% forgot to do a cover for “Empire Builder – Fortifications”
  • Sorted that out and released the aforementioned PDF – which has done ok so far
  • Started work on next PDF – another Quick Generator about Antagonists Concepts, this one themed around sci-fi types
  • Streaming – STA – Had a good storyline start things off that might have permanent repercussions for one of the players with an idea that we’re bouncing between us. This is something I absolutely love when it happens in a game when a player approaches the GM and says something like “I have an idea regarding (x)”
  • Semi-released the Deck of Decks...
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