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[List] – Magical Drink Names

Magical drinks can come in many forms, not just potions. The question then becomes what does the drink labelled “Coffee of Melee Freedom” actually does…

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D20 Drink
1 Absinthe of Self Illumination
2 Blend of Ranged Selection
3 Brandy of Sloth Sight
4 Coffee of Melee Freedom
5 Elixir of Weather Deactivation
6 Essence of Male Aroma
7 Lager of Wrathful Peace
8 Milkshake of Female Excellence
9 Milkshake of Planar Speech
10 Mixture of Burning Trap
11 Philtre of Frightened Word
12 Philtre of Southern Aspect
13 Rice Wine of Creeping Ugliness
14 Rice Wine of Elemental Power
15 Shot of Melee Restoration
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Weekly Update – 25th June 2019

Not much to say this week, but trying to keep this going:

  • New PDF released – Pirate Ship Names
  • Started on the sort-of companion peice to this, A ship generator. Started off fairly generic ship-wise but is rapidly heading into pirate territory again
  • Streaming – The Gal Civ III save locked up/crashed and wouldn’t work, so had to end that
  • Started Borderlands 2 to tie me over until FFXIV Shadowbringers drops via early access on Friday (fingers crossed)
  • Whilst I am on the subject of streaming I have a small request. If a streamer such as much self has “no back seat gaming” in their stream rules and as a tag, coming into a stream and then back-seat gaming is not “just pointing things out”….it is LITERALLY back-seat gaming and proves you didn’t read the very few chat rules I have...
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[PDF] – Quick Generator Pirate Ship Names

Quick Generator Pirate Ship Names

When running a game or coming up with content for a story, you can sometimes be stuck for ideas and need inspiration quickly. The Quick Generator series is designed to help with that. At a maximum of two tables, you can come up with your required concept, suggestion or idea in a very small number of dice rolls.

This particular QG is about coming up with a name for your pirate ship. Although there is nothing stopping you from using for others ships, the name parts have been put together in such a way as to make the name sound like a ship a pirate would be proud to serve on.

With 2 x d100 tables and 10,000 possible combinations, such as…

  • The Golden Fortune
  • The Lucky Moon
  • The Western Avenger

Available now at –


 Where to find & support En...

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[List] – 20 Chaos or Wild Magical Effects

Chaos magic effects , sometimes called Wild Magic is when a spell or item produces a random effect that is often not what the caster intended. They can be amusing, helpful or dangerous. Here are 20 such effects.

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D20 Effect
1 A nearby major religion names the caster as a heretic their their religion even if the caster is a follower
2 A random body part of the casters swaps with the targets. If not an organic target then two of the casters body parts swap over
3 A random non-magical non-held object within 50 feet turns into snow
4 A small black portal opens a long thin skeletal arms reaches out grabs a small object at random t...
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Weekly Update 19th June 2019

How goes it in your corner of the world this week? We got the full-on British “Summer” going on right now. I shouldn’t joke, especially after last year when it was a 4-month long heatwave that put a lot of people in hospital and almost included myself in that.

Had some good and bad things happen this last week. Let’s start with the “bad” get them out the way.

  • Almost had what can be described as an “autistic meltdown” playing Final Fantasy 14 last week. The issue wasn’t with the game, it was full on with me getting frustrated with a particular part. When I did it off stream, still had an issue for a little bit but was able to focus more...
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