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Weekly Update – 31st July 2019

Ohh wee, its a good one this week, so buckle down and prepare thy butts – Or not, it’s not THAT amazing heh.


Nothing new released PDF wise this week as I release them every two weeks. When I started I made one for every week, and whilst I got a lot of work outputed it took it’s toll, both on the quality and my energy and health. Wont be doing that again.

Stuff I have purchased

This for me includes rewards from kickstarters and this week, maybe even today, a ton of items is scheduled to arrived, hope they do and it’s anot another “Whilst you were out” note through the job thing when i work from home and can see anyone coming to the door dang it!

Behind the Scenes

This is probably the biggest one. After some prompting I set up a ko-fi goal (at 42% at time of posting this) to help ...

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[List] – Ritual Names

First, off, don’t forget the Christmas In July sale is still going on (for the next few days at time of posting this).

Secondly, this weeks list is made by using Ritual Name Generator

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Ritual Name
1 The Appaling Behest
2 The Arcane Call
3 The Brutal Calling of the Nebulous Noise
4 The Catalysmic Stipulation
5 The Cursed Adjustment
6 The Desire of the Hateful Force
7 The Fluctuating Incantation
8 The Fluctuating Plea of the Obscene Intelligence
9 The Ghastly Exhortation of the Feirce Angel
10 The Hateful Imploration of the Titanic Image
11 The Impossible Act of the Murderous Eternity
12 The Irregula...
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Weekly Update – 24th July 2019

Just a quick one this week as it’s hot as heck and promising to get hotter this week. Ling time reader will know that me and heat do NOT get on – it’s meant to hit 37c maybe 38c here tomorrow. I can already feel my brain turning to mush!


Just one item this week, the first in n ongoing series I have dubbed “Helpful List 1k” and is called Helpful List 1K Series – 1 – Fantasy Genre Names.


The Drivethru RPG Christmas in July sale is on for the next few days. Most of Ennead Games items or discounted for the duration. Check them out HERE.

World Anvil

I am almost finished with the WA Summer Camp. Once I have done, then, hopefully, once a week thereafter, probably on a Thursday, I’ll be highlighting an article from there...

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[PDF][News] – Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names and the Christmas in July Sale

Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names

The Helpful List series is designed to give you, as the name suggests, a list of various things that you might mind helpful. They all follow the same basic format of at least 1d100 table, sometimes more depending on the nature of the subject.

The 1k series takes this a step further, with 10 1d100 tables themed around a certain subject broken down into their own tables of 1d100 each.

This particular Helpful list series covers the co-called classical fantasy genre race of dwarfs, elf, gnomes and halfling, with Old English being used to represent the stereotypical “Medieval” humans

The names listed herein not in the species or cultures natural language, but have been translated into the common tongue for ease of use.

The tables cover…

  • Dwarf (f a...
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[List] – 20 More Anime/Manga Titles and Christmas in July Sale News!

I’ve made some behind the scenes changes to my working system that should help prevent duplication in result within lists and so on. Will be looking into adding these to the online generators, but I also need to do another, no restructuring, but re-organisation of my to-do and worklist. Part of this involved me re-starting a lot of plans, but it’s another thing that will be worth it in the long term, so for lists and so on there will be repeats of ones that have been shown recently. This week one, for example, is Anime/Manga titles.

Secondly – the CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale is now on at DrivethruRPG and almost all of Ennead Games PDFs are on sale

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this artic...

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