Daily Archives July 2, 2019

World Anvil Summer Camp 2019

The awesome World Anvil is running their annual “Summer Camp” which is a month long challenge to writers with 30 prompts to help flesh out the world or game you are creating. World Anvil is, for those who don’t know, World Anvil is an online worldbuilding tool. It’s meant to be used by all kinds of people who are interested in creating worlds, such as authors and game masters. It contains tools, links your articles together in ways that make sense, and helps you to build your world.

I will be *attempting* to make all 30 prompts done by the end of the month, with a goal of one per day. As they are not day locked, if I miss one, then I can do double or so later. I say attempting because I know that sometimes despite my best efforts, my brain and body will sometimes go “nahhhh”...

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