Daily Archives July 17, 2019

Weekly Update – 17th July 2019

Time for another weekly update on things. I think rather than having a good/ba breakdown, covering things by subject matter seems easier for me to structure and post. So, here we go…

Published PDFs

Last week saw the publication of my “Equipment Maker 8 – Ships“. Seemed to be well received and even, very briefly (but that was enough for me :)) to top the small press and “under $5” chart.

Other PDFs (not mine)

A PDF/DMs Guild PDf I had a hand with playtesting (the opening blurb is a reference to my character)  has been released by a friend of mine called The Ripper. A word of warning. This is NOT a player-friendly class, is designed for NPCs, and is, to be honest, a nasty class. But that’s the point...

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