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[List] – 20 Sci-Fi Material Names

This weeks d20 list gives you 20 Sci-Fi material names, generated by using “Quick Generator – SciFi Material Names“, currently rated Electrum on DrivethruRPG.

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D20 Material Name
1 Adjustable Platinum
2 Amorphous Epoxy
3 Anti Vanadium
4 Atomic Nickle
5 Bonded Aluminum
6 Calibrated Polyester
7 Chrono Bronze
8 Compressed Matter
9 Isomorphic Ruthenium
10 Liquid Silver
11 Luminous Cobalt
12 Micro Cable
13 Modified Carbomorph
14 Molecular Cadmium
15 Polarised Brick
16 Radioactive Rubber
17 Solidified Fiber
18 Super Chromium
19 Temporal Iron
20 Unreactive Carbon

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[World Anvil] – The Razor Plains

Razor Plains

Grass and metal combined into one

“Ya might want to be careful before going to try and set up a farm in that area over there. Oh, it’s not cursed or infected with the nano-phage or anything like that. That there be a patch of Steel Grassland. You must be new here if you didn’t recognise it. See the way it slightly reflects the sunlight? Go ahead, feel the blades of the grass itself, but never the edge, that stuff is like a field of blades sometimes. Sure you might get lucky and not cut yourself, but there are so many that you’d be better off running through a pane of glass…and never ever try to use a scythe on this stuff…”

 The Razor Plain, located in northern Biblios is the largest area of the type of grass known as Razor Grass...

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[Weekly Update] – 28th of August 2019

Time for another quick update. Not much to say on this part as it been a quite , yet at times, hot and humid, week.


Last weeks PDF – “Helpful List 1K Series – 2 – Antagonists” did ok, wasn’t expecting it to be a big seller, but it sold a few copies so that made me happy.  The next one should be a Quick Gen. Kinda related to this, with Affinity DTP I have found that making the PDFs a lot faster, once I have set up the templates. Word is still being used for writing and so on, but now it’s just a case of inputing the text into the template – assuming I have the PDF template made and it needs only minor changes. This has sped up my workflow by quite a bit...

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[List] – 20 More Corporation Names

Time for another 20 list and this week its Corporation Names

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D20 Corporation Name
1 Aeon Lighting
2 Andromeda Syndicate
3 Applied Dynamics
4 Auto Broadcasting
5 Celestial Metallurgy
6 Diamond Software
7 Intergalatic Electronics
8 Office Devlopments
9 Planetary Hardware
10 Platinum Arms
11 Power Wholesale
12 Premium Catering
13 Progressive Consolidated
14 Southern Leasing
15 Specialized Liquids
16 Strategic Syndicate
17 Synergestic Catering
18 Synergestic Genetics
19 Ultra Computers
20 Western Pharmaceuticals

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[World Anvil] – Divination Magic Types

Divination Magic

Use magic to get the information you require

Dispite what some may tell you, divination is not temporal magic. We gain insight, seek guidance and desire to be pointed in the right direction

— The Art of Divination

 Divination magic is the art of knowing about a subject through supernatural means. Originally, Divination, or “to be inspired by a god”, is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. There are as many means of divination as there are practitioners. Temporal Magic and Divination should not be confused. In fact many practitioners of divination can get offended when doing so...

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