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[World Anvil] – Chaos Fire

Today is, hopefully, the start of a regular feature in which I combine the showing off the most excellent World Anvil and my game world, Easthalen, in one. The format/layout will evolve over time and fingers crossed, energy and health (mental and physical) this is something I’ll be aiming to do each week, even if it’s just highlighting an older article, Without further ado, here is the first I have picked – Chaos Fire, a arcane version of napalm.

Chaos Fire

It raced across the deck of the ship like it was alive, so fast and silent, seeking out the crew and burning them. One of the deckhands thought they could put it out with water…by the gods i still wished he hadn’t as that just made it worse…

— Aluan, survivor of the burning of the HMS Trudor

 A potent type of the so-called G...

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