Daily Archives August 7, 2019

[Weekly Update] – 7th August 2019

Time for another weekly update on things.


New PDF came out this week – Name Maker Real World Volume 1 – Old English.  Going the focusing on Name Maker/HL to give me more time to work on learning something new (see later in this post).


I do plan on putting more generators on the site, but getting things back to speed has proved longer than i first thought. I *will* happen, just not sure when

World Anvil/World Building

Some exciting stuff in the WA side of things. With the “Project Dios” Kickstarter, I’ll be expanding my , well development and design of Easthalen. Oddly, this almost happhazzard way of doing things, along with my D&D 5e game has helped bring things to the foucs I need...

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