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[List] – 20 More Potion Names

What effect do these potion (using the term potion here as a catch all term for any drink with mystical properties) have on the one who drinks them?

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D20 Potion
1 Absinthe Of Breathing
2 Blend Of Revealing
3 Brown Preparation Of Word
4 Cocktail Of Vanilla Hiding
5 Concoction Of Defending
6 Dilution Of Woody Combustion
7 Dram Of Esoteric Sloth
8 Earth Milk
9 Elixir Of Sour Anger
10 Essence Of Melee Kicking
11 Fizzy Potion Of Deactivation
12 Lager Of Stickiness
13 Mineral Milkshake
14 Minor Vodka Of Divergence
15 Mixture Of Flaming Void
16 Pumpkin Medicine Of Emotional Power
17 Serum Of Bl...
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