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[World Anvil] – Alchemical Forge

Alchemical Forge

Some forges take iron and allow you to make it into a sword, or a dagger. This one takes, well, other materials and does the same. But the results are much, much different

 Alchemy, on some worlds, was an ancient branch of natural philosophy with Alchemists attempting to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials. The most famous Alchemical Tool is the Philosophers Stone. On Easthalen, the Stone can be used as part of a greater tool: The Alchemical Forge. Strictly speaking, no two Alchemical Forges are the same. Each has its own configuration and layout and ultimate purpose and so on. However, there are elements that all of them share: 

  • A place to house the Philosophers Stone (or other power source) and draw energy from it
  • An input system, into which the subj...
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