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[PDF] Empire Builder – Rumours and Gossip

Empire Builder – Rumours and Gossip

You are sitting down in the tavern for a nice meal and a drink when behind you, you overhear a loud person talking about something interesting.

But wait…did they just say the King, of all people was legalizing the hunting of ogres? Then you hear something else that catches your attention then another. They cant all be true, but if they were, then things are getting very interesting around here…

This edition of the Empire Builder series is made to give you a series of possibly true, possibly false or even downright made up stories to get the attention of your characters and provide possible plot-hooks and maybe even adventures. Do they investigate this disgusting rumour to prove it is false or is it the perfect opportunity to take down the evil doer?


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[List] – 20 classes for magical school

Just started Magi-Uni? What class are you looking forward to and which are dreading? This list taken from “Quick Generator – Magic Schools & Classes

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D20 Class
1 Adapted Technomancy
2 Allegorical Magnetism
3 Altruistic Blessings
4 Ancient Enchantment
5 Astral Augerys
6 Beginners Curses
7 Crucial Legerdemain
8 Demonic Trickery
9 Dwarven Mentalism
10 Goblin Chi Magic
11 Helpful Protection
12 Imperial Illusion
13 Inappropriate Wishes
14 Military Books
15 Stellar Creation
16 Supreme Magic
17 Tertiary Voodoo
18 Troll Writings
19 Useful Incantations
20 Vile Geomancy

 Where t...

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[World Anvil] – Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace

Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace

We come together on this day, to bring peace to our world, our prison , to make sure we stand together , to deal with any problems. It will be hard, but i can tell you this – It would be harder alone and fighting each other

— Erus Cambell, closing Speach of the First Conclave of the Great Houses

 The period of time after the Halic War and the creation of the Great Barrier was one of great turmoil and conflict. Until the formation of the Conclave of House-Nations , wars were plentiful and threatened to destroy the allready put-apon inhabitants of this prison like location. Erus started life as a physical weakened child of Biblios ...

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[Weekly Update] – 25th of September 2019

Time for this weeks update on things


No new PDF this week.  Working on getting the “Rumours” generator out for next week, which gives you some stupid, false and maybe true rumors that can be overheard in court or the proverbial tavern.

World Anvil

Last weeks WA article was about the Gold Leaf Bank, one of the organisations that has helped to stop many major wars from occuring (but minor skrmishes are still tolerated) with their policy of “If we fund you, your enemies get the same amount”

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page


ESO continues, with Vah’len the sorcreer making some progress and even getting a new house to decorate as part of his rewards...

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[List] – 20 More Sci-Fi Themed Weapons

This weeks list comes from “Quick Generator – Sci-Fi Weapons” and gives you 20 concepts or ideas for weapons or weapon-like objects that you might find in a sci-fi or modern story or game.

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D20 Weapon
1 Anti-Proton Impeller
2 Continuous Saber
3 Custom Digitizer
4 Delaying Phasing Crusher
5 Disrupting Caustic Projector
6 Draining Tearer
7 Electro-magnetic Implant
8 Energy Corrosive Halberd
9 Exotic Long-range Cube
10 Kinetic Trident
11 Laser Nullifier
12 Light Grid
13 Nuclear Polarized Grenade
14 Plasma Caltrop
15 Repulsor Split Relay
16 Siege Gamma Crossbow
17 Silenced Torus
18 Sonic ...
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