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[Weekly Update] – September 4th 2019

Its weekly update time and got a few things to cover this week!


The latest PDF – “Empire Builder – Era Names” is now out and already in the top 10 (at time of posting) for both “Under $5” and the Small Publisher chart…yay!

Semi related , as suggested to me on twitter by Josh Nickles (@techpickles) , I have created a sci-fi themed collection bundle which gives you most of the item that I have made that are sci-fi and modern themed – it can be found HERE.

Generators & Lists

Got the first of hopefully many hosted generators/lists – This is from Spilled Ale Studios hack of a certain post apocalyptic game and gives you 100 trinkets that may be found when you explore the wasteland. These can be used as novelties, trading items, or even raw materials. The Gen/List is hosted HERE.

World A...

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